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diff-lcs 1.2.3

Diff::LCS computes the difference between two Enumerable sequences using the McIlroy-Hunt longest common subsequence (LCS) algorithm. It includes utilities to create a simple HTML diff output format and a standard diff-like tool. This is release 1.2.3, fixing a bug in value comparison where the left side of the comparison was the empty set, preventing the detection of encoding. Thanks to Jon Rowe for fixing this issue. This is a strongly recommended release. *Note*: There is a known issue with Rubinius in 1.9 mode reported in {rubinius/rubinius#2268}[] and demonstrated in the Travis CI builds. For all other tested platforms, diff-lcs is considered stable. As soon as a suitably small test-case can be created for the Rubinius team to examine, this will be added to the Rubinius issue around this.


  1. 1.3 - January 18, 2017 (45 ko)
  2. 1.2.5 - November 08, 2013 (48 ko)
  3. 1.2.4 - April 21, 2013 (46 ko)
  4. 1.2.3 - April 12, 2013 (46,5 ko)
  5. 1.2.2 - March 30, 2013 (46 ko)
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