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dictionaries 0.2.160

This project is called dictionaries. It used to be called ask_english_words but the name was changed towards "dictionaries", when the focus became on dictionaries in general rather than merely translations from and to the english language. There are a total of 2009 english words registered, with the associated german translation. (It is german primarily because that is my native language, but in principle this project can be extended to include other languages. You only need to add a yaml file containing the key-value pairs.) If you need a more comprehensive dictionary, I can recommend the file de-en.txt that is part of the tu-chemnitz distribution ( ). That file is really huge - about 20 MB. In principle, the dictionaries project could be extended to make use of that massive file instead. I will be thinking about this for the time being (starting at July 2018).


  1. 0.2.160 - November 13, 2019 (50,5 KB)
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