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Reverse dependencies for commonmarker Latest version of the following gems require commonmarker

deckar01-task_list 2.3.2

Markdown TaskList components

7,550,994 下載

extended-markdown-filter 0.7.0

This is a custom Markdown processor to be used with GitHub's HTML::Pipeline.

5,461,446 下載

graphql-docs 2.0.1

Easily generate beautiful documentation from your GraphQL schema.

5,449,897 下載

jekyll-commonmark 1.3.1

CommonMark generator for Jekyll

1,467,667 下載

jekyll-commonmark-ghpages 0.1.6

CommonMark generator for Jekyll

1,457,512 下載

dependabot-common 0.147.0

Automated dependency management for Ruby, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Elixir, Rust, Java, ...

1,376,276 下載

vandamme 0.0.12

Vandamme is aware of files content, and will be mostly used to parse changelog files an...

182,850 下載

showoff 0.20.3

Showoff is a Sinatra web app that reads simple configuration files for a presentation...

143,640 下載

openapi3_parser 0.9.0

A tool to parse and validate OpenAPI V3 files. Aims to provide complete compatibili...

129,104 下載

madness 0.9.3

Start a markdown server in any directory

50,551 下載

nrser 0.3.12

basic ruby utils i use in a lot of stuff.

34,879 下載

mato 2.3.2

A pipeline-based markdown toolkit with CommonMark(er)

30,947 下載

html-pipeline-hashtag 0.1.2

HTML Pipeline filter that replaces hashtags with links.

29,572 下載

github-markdown-preview 5.0.0

Local previews for Github markdown

25,865 下載

octodown 1.9.2

GitHub Markdown straight from your shell.

24,888 下載

ghpreview 0.2.0

Command line utility for previewing Markdown files with Github styling

23,200 下載

tdiary-style-gfm 1.2.0

GFM Style for tDiary

21,113 下載

vimwiki_markdown 0.6.0

Converts a vimwiki markdown file to html. It parses [[links]] and has support for synt...

20,649 下載

kuroko2 0.5.2

Kuroko2 is a web-based job scheduler/workflow manager created at Cookpad Inc.

16,850 下載

jekyll-html-pipeline 1.1.1

This is a custom Markdown processor for Jekyll 2.0 and above. It allows you to use GitH...

12,934 下載

markdown_views 2.2.1

Enables Rails handling of .md templates, with optional preprocessing of ERB, HAML, etc....

12,525 下載

madman 0.2.12

A command line utility for markdown fun

10,630 下載

muwu 3.0.0

Compile markup files (Markdown and YAML) into HTML.

7,537 下載

grokdown 0.2.1

Grok Markdown documents with Ruby objects.

6,767 下載

commonmarker-rouge 1.5.0

CommonMarker wrapper with Rouge syntax highlighter

6,586 下載

tdiary-style-markdown 0.6.0

Markdown Style for tDiary

6,333 下載

page-toc-filter 0.2.1

Generates a table of contents for a single page, via HTML::Pipeline.

6,325 下載

himekami-markdown 0.1.8

Project himekami markdown parser.

6,040 下載

json-schema-docs 0.3.1

Easily generate Markdown files from your JSON schema.

5,944 下載

fuji_markdown 0.4.1

FujiMarkdown is the dialect of Markdown supporting extensions for Japanese novels.

4,905 下載

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