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colorize 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require colorize

kubernetes-deploy 0.31.1

Kubernetes deploy scripts

180,288 下载

active_mocker 2.6.2

Creates stub classes from any ActiveRecord model. By using stubs in your tests you don'...

171,314 下载

origen 0.59.7

The Semiconductor Developer's Kit

169,053 下载

spoom 1.0.8

Useful tools for Sorbet enthusiasts.

166,452 下载

subtitle_it 2.2.0

Download, edit and create subtitles. Supports various formats.

154,043 下载

asciidoctor-jenkins-extensions 0.8.0

a collection of Asciidoctor extensions which enable more advanced formatting in Jenkins...

153,213 下载

api_resource 0.6.25

A replacement for ActiveResource for RESTful APIs that handles associated object and mu...

152,269 下载

protractor-rails 0.0.19

Protractor rails makes it a bit easier to integrate and run angularjs' protractor e2e t...

152,155 下载

krane 2.1.4

A command line tool that helps you ship changes to a Kubernetes namespace and understan...

147,029 下载

interactive-logger 0.1.3

A colorful, interactive logger for tracking progress of an operation.

146,184 下载

cucumber_lint 0.1.2

A command line interface for linting and formatting cucumber features

141,253 下载

shell-spinner 1.0.4

Gem provides animated spinner for UNIX shell and could be used with rake tasks and any ...

133,847 下载

zillabyte-cli 0.9.51

The Official Zillabyte CLI Gem

133,055 下载

sapphire 0.8.7

An automated web acceptance test framework for non-technical resources using selenium-w...

131,149 下载

gemwarrior 0.15.10

A fun text adventure in the form of a RubyGem!

126,693 下载

rspec-hive 0.6.2

RSpecHive let you test your hive queries connecting to hive ins...

125,953 下载

moonshot 1.0.0

A library and CLI tool for launching services into AWS.

121,547 下载

asciidoctor-revealjs 4.1.0

Converts AsciiDoc documents into HTML5 presentations designed to be executed by the rev...

120,805 下载

simplecov-summary 0.0.6

SimpleCov formatter that prints nice colored summary for your coverage straight into yo...

117,160 下载

generate-puppetfile 1.1.0

Generate a Puppetfile for use with r10k based on an existing file or a list of modules.

116,221 下载

oliver 4.0.3

Local Git(Hub) made easy.

114,740 下载

card 1.101.0

Cards are wiki-inspired data atoms.Card "Sharks" use links, nests, types, patterned nam...

106,683 下载

zero-rails_openapi 2.1.5

Concise DSL for generating OpenAPI Specification 3 (OAS3) JSON documentation for Rails ...

104,077 下载

PlayRockPaperScissorsGame 2.9.1

A Ruby-programmed rock paper scissors game. Now you can play rock paper scissors o...

100,365 下载

learn-test 3.3.1

Runs RSpec, Karma, Mocha, and Python Pytest Test builds and pushes JSON output to Learn.

99,920 下载

franz 2.2.4

Aggregate log file events and send them elsewhere.

97,389 下载

vmfloaty 1.1.1

A helper tool for vmpooler to help you stay afloat

97,202 下载

cream 0.9.2

An integrated Authentication, Authorization and Roles solution for your Rails 3 app wit...

96,517 下载

gantree 0.6.18

cli tool for automating docker deploys to elastic beanstalk

93,614 下载

capistrano-friday 0.1.0

You better stab yourself if you deploy on friday!

88,721 下载

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