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closure-compilerの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require closure-compiler

sprockets 4.0.2

Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScrip...

278,139,955 ダウンロード

htmlcompressor 0.4.0

Put your html on a diet

2,619,837 ダウンロード


This is a Bootstrap 3 Jekyll Theme built for Linaro Static Websites

390,482 ダウンロード

hanami-assets 1.3.5

Assets management for Ruby web applications

294,471 ダウンロード

wiselinks 1.2.1

Wiselinks makes following links and submitting some forms in your web application smart...

268,672 ダウンロード

linaro-jekyll-theme 4.3.3

Linaro's bootstrap 4/jekyll 4 static website theme.

230,532 ダウンロード

flok 0.0.105

Flok is a cross-platform application framework system that exports javascript files

132,900 ダウンロード

jsus 0.4.0

Javascript packager and dependency resolver

98,755 ダウンロード

iugu-ux 1.0.25

Iugu User Experience and Components for HTML5,CSS,JS

86,836 ダウンロード

maglove 2.0.11

This gem contains development and built tools for creating MagLoft themes.

62,794 ダウンロード

marfa 0.10.2

Sinatra-based wrapper for our projects

47,327 ダウンロード

jbundle 0.1.4

Writes versioned, bundled and minified javascript files and dependencies

46,378 ダウンロード

githubbish_assets 0.1.11

Github style assets bundling in a Rails 3 engine

31,111 ダウンロード

view_assets 1.1.1

Instead of using the default assets managing style in rails 3.2, this gem will introduc...

30,511 ダウンロード

crush 0.3.3

Crush is a set of Tilt templates for the various JavaScript and CSS compression librari...

22,860 ダウンロード

guard-mirror 0.2.5

A CoffeeScript, Stylus, and Jade (HTML and JST) Guard that mirrors yoursource files...

21,562 ダウンロード

smallvictories 0.0.19

Small Victories Ruby interface.

19,569 ダウンロード

embork 0.0.13

A tool set for building ember apps.

18,165 ダウンロード


Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both ...

18,035 ダウンロード

sqweeze 0.0.9

A command line web-asset optimisation tool

15,976 ダウンロード

bixbite 0.1.3

Bixbite is a project initializer for dynamic to static publishing

15,483 ダウンロード

compressed-gzipped-assets 0.0.3

for more info see the readme.

13,988 ダウンロード

slight_assets 0.4.0

Optimize the assets of your Rails application without change any line of code.

12,930 ダウンロード

assets-compiler 0.3

Can be used to compile any static assets (etc minify javascript)

12,809 ダウンロード

rack-pack 0.3.2

Rack::Pack is a piece of Rack Middleware that packages and optionally compresses assets...

12,722 ダウンロード

rack-sprocketize 0.4.1

Rack::Sprocketize is a piece of Rack Middleware which uses Sprockets to concatenate jav...

12,262 ダウンロード

aws-s3-deploy 0.3.0

Deploy static files to AWS S3.

11,921 ダウンロード

jammit-core 0.1.1

A non-Rails fork of the Jammit asset-packager for use with any Ruby framework

6,508 ダウンロード

juggle 0.0.2

Javascript packing

6,011 ダウンロード

sinatra-sprockets 0.0.2

Use Sprockets effectively with Sinatra.

5,713 ダウンロード

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