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clockwork 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require clockwork

clockwork-test 0.4.0

Run clockwork jobs in a test environment and assert jobs are run as expected

313,853 下载

clockwork_web 0.1.1

A web interface for Clockwork

66,265 下载

bitsy-bitcoin 0.9.0

A mountable Rails engine to create a payment server that can handle the money in your B...

50,292 下载

magi 0.1.6

I am Magi.

28,721 下载

renote_dac 0.0.196

Rails engine for bundling all the configurations and depencies necessary to run a remot...

19,782 下载

pushpop 0.4.0

Pushpop is a powerful framework for taking actions and integrating services at regular ...

11,580 下载

mina-clockwork 1.1.0

Clockwork deployment scenario for mina.

9,396 下载

sonic 0.1.8

Sonic is a Rails engine which provides a status page for your applications ...

7,578 下载

sensu-plugins-clockworksms 1.0.0

Sensu plugins for clockworksms

6,263 下载

clockwork-mocks 1.3.1

clockwork provides a cron-like utility for ruby. This gem adds the possibility to creat...

6,152 下载

mnky 0.0.4

Monkey is a super simple framework for automating workstation configuration and deploym...

6,125 下载

altria 0.2.1

I am altria.

5,857 下载

fc-reminder 0.1.2

Simple reminder about an upcoming football game

5,583 下载

loggun 0.6.0

Gem for formatting ruby application logs

5,044 下载

eq 0.1.0

Embedded Queueing. Background processing within a single process using multi-threading ...

4,966 下载

harvester 0.8.0.pre.3

The harvester collects your favourite feeds and generates static html/feed pages

3,893 下载

expirable 1.0.1

Easily handle deadline-based workflow transitions in Rails

3,819 下载

observed-clockwork 0.2.0

Observed Clockwork Integration

3,653 下载

guard-clockwork 0.0.6

guard gem for clockwork

2,646 下载

clockwork-multiple-nodes 0.0.2

Clockwork plugin to support multiple simultaneous hot-standby nodes

2,601 下载

herman_li 0.1.0

nothing to do with herxxn li

1,558 下载

hb_gems 0.1.2


873 下载

powerball 0.0.2

This is a stupid simple Slack bot that just draws a winner each hour from a CSV spe...

780 下载

clockface 1.0.0.beta

A Configuration UI for the Clockwork gem

719 下载

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这个版本 1,785,284

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