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cliver 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require cliver


A Ruby parser written in pure Ruby.

122,221,787 下载

poltergeist 1.18.1

Poltergeist is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on a headless We...

24,966,171 下载

pdf-forms 1.2.0

A Ruby frontend to the pdftk binary, including FDF and XFDF creation. Just pass your te...

1,657,507 下载

ferrum 0.9

Ferrum allows you to control headless Chrome browser

113,708 下载

pdftotext 0.2.1

A Ruby wrapper for the `pdftotext` command line library

108,221 下载

opener-language-identifier 4.3.2

Language identifier for human readable text.

68,289 下载

opener-polarity-tagger 3.0.1

Polarity tagger for various languages.

63,315 下载

opener-pos-tagger-base 2.2.1

POS tagger for Dutch and German using OpenNLP

45,900 下载

opener-pos-tagger-en-es 2.0.3

POS tagging for English and Spanish

44,215 下载

opener-ner-base 3.1.0

Base NER component for languages such as English.

38,557 下载

word-to-markdown 1.1.8

Ruby Gem to convert Word documents to markdown.

26,342 下载

kimurai 1.4.0

Modern web scraping framework written in Ruby and based on Capybara/Nokogiri

22,785 下载

opener-tree-tagger 4.1.1

Ruby wrapped KAF based Tree Tagger for 6 languages

20,768 下载

opener-ned 3.0.1

NED client using DBpedia

17,768 下载


A Ruby parser written in C

15,129 下载

opener-opinion-detector-base 2.3.1

Base Opinion Detector for english and dutch.

13,519 下载

opener-kaf-naf-parser 2.0.3

Parser to translate KAF to NAF and back.

12,699 下载

iaa 0.2.7

Helps you create IAAs

11,879 下载

site-inspector 3.1.1

Returns information about a domain's technology and capabilities

11,825 下载

opener-constituent-parser-de 1.2.1

Constituent parser for the German language

11,243 下载

opener-coreference-base 2.1.1

Coreference resolution for various languages.

9,105 下载

cucumber-performance-generator 0.0.4

This gem adds to convert a capybara/poltergeist script into a load script usable by the...

6,152 下载

opener-constituent-parser-nl 1.1.1

Constituent Parser for dutch using Alpino.

6,025 下载

serinette 0.0.3

Serinette is a library with a strongly opionated approach to generating random music fr...

3,510 下载

poltergeistFork 0.0.4

Poltergeist is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on a headless We...

3,438 下载

undead 0.2.0

Undead gets Dynamic HTML. Dynamic HTML are created by JavaScript.

3,036 下载


A Ruby parser written in pure Ruby.

2,102 下载

gpsbabel 0.1.0

Provides access through Ruby to the command-line application GPSBabel used to manipulat...

2,017 下载

kamaze-project 1.0.4

A bunch of (rake) tasks to automatize your development workflow.

1,982 下载

grouik 1.0.2

Simple require file generator

1,979 下载

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