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clbustos-rtf 0.5.0

The RTF library provides a pure Ruby set of functionality that can be used to programmatically create RTF documents. The main aim in developing this library is to ease the complexity involved in assembling RTF documents although some consideration has also been given to generating documents that are easier to manually interpret too. This library does not include functionality for parsing RTF documents. Nor does the library claim to provide extensive coverage of the RTF specification. The library was developed mostly with reference to the RTF Pocket Guide by Sean M. Burke and some reference to the RTF specification itself. The introduction to the RTF Pocket Guide states that the book covers version 1.7 of the RTF specification so I guess, as this was the primary source, that this is the version that the library covers too. Finally, no consideration was given to making the functionality within the library thread safe. In creating this library I set out to make it reasonably easy to create RTF documents in code. Having said that I'm certain that it is possible to generate invalid RTF documents with this library.

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