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Reverse dependencies for chefstyle Latest version of the following gems require chefstyle

kitchen-vagrant 1.7.0

Kitchen::Driver::Vagrant - A Vagrant Driver for Test Kitchen.

1,829,225 下載

kitchen-ec2 3.7.1

A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2

980,008 下載

vagrant-omnibus 1.5.0

A Vagrant plugin that ensures the desired version of Chef is installed via the platform...

422,445 下載

omnibus 7.0.13

Omnibus is a framework for building self-installing, full-stack software builds.

253,555 下載

gcewinpass 1.1.0

Reset a password on a Google Compute Engine instance running Windows.

245,137 下載

kitchen-openstack 5.0.1

A Test Kitchen OpenStack Nova driver

227,292 下載

chef-provisioning-vsphere 2.3.1

Provisioner for creating vSphere VM instances in Chef Provisioning.

85,082 下載

kitchen-azurerm 1.0.0

Test Kitchen driver for the Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) API

72,636 下載

vmware-vra 2.7.1

Client gem for interacting with VMware vRealize Automation.

32,961 下載

chef-provisioning-azure 0.6.0

This is a driver that works with chef-provisioning that allows Chef Provisioning to man...

23,414 下載

kitchen-habitat 0.12.1

== DESCRIPTION: Habitat Provisioner for Test Kitchen == FEATURES: TBD

11,275 下載

dsc_lcm_configuration 0.2.0

Creates proper LCM configurations for Windows PowerShell DSC.

6,969 下載

kitchen-wpar 0.4.2

A Test Kitchen Driver for Wpar

4,232 下載

knife-oraclecloud 2.0.0

Knife plugin to interact with Oracle Cloud.

4,010 下載

lita-announce 0.1.2

Lita plugin to make announcements across multiple channels.

2,580 下載

kitchen-habitat-config 0.8.1

== DESCRIPTION: Habitat Provisioner for Test Kitchen == FEATURES: TBD

1,128 下載

chef-provisioning-google 0.1.0

Provisioner for creating google containers in Chef Provisioning.

1,027 下載

bundle-merge 0.0.1

Utility for transitive Gemfile.lock generation

876 下載

train-rest 0.2.1

Provides a transport to communicate easily with RESTful APIs.

690 下載

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