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celluloid 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require celluloid

celluloid-io 0.17.3

Evented IO for Celluloid actors

73,860,134 下载

celluloid-supervision 0.20.6

Supervisors, Supervision Groups, and Supervision Trees for Celluloid.

62,003,193 下载

celluloid-pool 0.20.5

An implementation of an actor pool, based on the Celluloid concurrent object framework.

61,799,466 下载

celluloid-essentials 0.20.5

Notifications, Internals, Logging, Probe, and essential Celluloid pieces demanding Supe...

61,778,192 下载

celluloid-fsm 0.20.5

Simple finite state machines with integrated Celluloid timeout support.

61,776,377 下载

celluloid-extras 0.20.5

Classes to support examples, benchmarks, or add special functionality.

61,775,465 下载

eye 0.10.0

Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God. Requires Ruby(MRI) >= 1.9.3...

57,299,159 下载

ridley 5.1.1

A reliable Chef API client with a clean syntax

7,308,241 下载

sidetiq 0.7.2

Recurring jobs for Sidekiq

2,366,673 下载

celluloid-pmap 1.0.0

Easy Parallel Executing using Celluloid

2,133,222 下载

ld-celluloid-eventsource 0.11.0

Celluloid::IO based library to consume Server-Sent Events. This library was forked from...

468,924 下载

acpc_poker_types 7.8.6

Poker classes and constants that conform to the standards of the Annual Computer Poker ...

281,399 下载

adhearsion 2.6.4

Adhearsion is an open-source telephony development framework

279,701 下载

capistrano_multiconfig_parallel 2.8.1

CapistranoMulticonfigParallel is a simple ruby implementation that allows you to run mu...

246,984 下载

reel 0.6.1

A Celluloid::IO-powered HTTP server

212,529 下载

punchblock 2.7.5

Like Rack is to Rails and Sinatra, Punchblock provides a consistent API on top of sever...

164,161 下载

carbon 3.0.1

Brighter Planet API client for Ruby

123,793 下载

ruby_ami 3.0.0

A Ruby client library for the Asterisk Management Interface built on Celluloid IO.

123,642 下载

spiderfw 1.0.1

Spider is yet another Ruby framework.

117,403 下载

airplay 1.0.5

Send image/video to an airplay enabled device

96,548 下载

gitdocs 0.6.2

Open-source Dropbox using Ruby and Git.

91,742 下载

artoo 1.8.2

Ruby-based microframework for robotics

90,547 下载

acpc_dealer_data 1.0.0

ACPC Dealer data

89,257 下载

celluloid_pubsub 2.0.0

CelluloidPubsub is a simple ruby implementation of publish subscribe design patterns us...

84,934 下载


Marionetta is a ruby library for executing commands on one or more r...

83,368 下载

lspace 0.14

Provides the convenience of global variables, without the safety concerns.

82,676 下载

linner 0.12.0

HTML5 Application Assembler

74,351 下载

celluloid-zmq 0.17.2

Celluloid bindings to the ffi-rzmq library

71,235 下载

buildbox 0.6.2

Ruby agent for buildbox

68,310 下载

msgpack-rpc-over-http 0.2.0

This library provides MessagePack-RPC via HTTP

68,115 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.2.6

需要的 RubyGems 版本: >= 2.0.0