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Reverse dependencies for capistrano Latest version of the following gems require capistrano

capistrano-nvm 0.0.7

nvm support for Capistrano 3.x

530,465 下載

capistrano-git-copy 1.5.6

Copy local git repository deploy strategy for capistrano.

525,756 下載

capifony 2.8.6

Capistrano is an open source tool for running scripts on multiple servers. It’s primary...

503,357 下載

obbistrano 1.1.168

An extension to Capistrano to handle deploys for One Black Bear

494,807 下載

capistrano-log_with_awesome 0.0.2

logging callbacks for capistrano

492,477 下載

capistrano-newrelic 0.10.1

New Relic integration for Capistrano 3

480,393 下載

capistrano-symfony 2.0.0

Symfony specific Capistrano tasks

467,245 下載

capistrano-db-tasks 0.6

A collection of capistrano tasks for syncing assets and databases

432,597 下載

capistrano-chruby 0.1.2

chruby integration for Capistrano

420,606 下載

capistrano-rbenv-install 1.2.0

Capistrano plugin for lightweight rubies management with rbenv. Works with Capistrano 3...

398,830 下載

capistrano_rsync_with_remote_cache 2.4.0

A deployment strategy for Capistrano 2.0 which combines rsync with a remote cache, allo...

398,556 下載

capistrano-multiconfig 3.1.0

Multiconfig extension is similar to [multistage](

390,083 下載

capistrano3-nginx 3.0.4

Adds suuport to nginx for Capistrano 3.x

365,666 下載

auto_tagger 0.2.11

Helps you automatically create tags for each stage in a multi-stage deploment and deplo...

363,329 下載

capistrano-platform-resources 0.1.3

A sort of utilities which helps you to manage platform resources.

337,171 下載

capistrano-git-with-submodules 2.0.6

Git submodules support for Capistrano 3.7+

332,475 下載

capistrano-deploytags 1.0.7

Capistrano Deploytags is a simple plugin to Capistrano 3 that works with your deploymen...

328,414 下載

capistrano-chef 1.0.0

Allows Capistrano to use Chef data for deployment

326,109 下載

capistrano-pending 0.2.0

Provide deploy:pending task to Capistrano 3 to show commit logs between current revisio...

305,323 下載

capify-ec2 1.7.0

Capify-EC2 is used to generate Capistrano namespaces and tasks from Amazon EC2 instance...

300,241 下載

capones_recipes 1.20.1

A collection of usefull capistrano recipes used by CyT GmbH and others.

271,112 下載

capistrano-secrets-yml 1.2.1

Capistrano tasks for automating `secrets.yml` file handling for Rails 4+ apps. This plu...

262,822 下載

eycap 0.6.12

Capistrano recipes for the Engine Yard Managed platform.

262,635 下載

capistrano-scm-copy 0.7.0

Copy strategy for capistrano 3.x

235,613 下載

theme-juice 0.28.8

tj helps you create new local WordPress development sites, manage existing sites, and d...

231,816 下載

capistrano-safe-deploy-to 1.1.1

Capistrano plugin that ensures the `deploy_to` deployment path exists and has the right...

230,900 下載

capper 2.0.0

Capper is a collection of opinionated Capistrano recipes

221,203 下載

capistrano-unicorn-nginx 5.2.0

Capistrano tasks for automatic and sensible unicorn + nginx configuraion. Enables zero...

220,009 下載

capistrano-systemd-multiservice 0.1.0.beta12

Capistrano Plugin to control services by systemd

213,235 下載

capistrano-upload-config 0.8.2

Capistrano 3.x tasks to upload shared config that is stored outside of SCM

210,784 下載

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