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Dependencias inversas para capistrano Latest version of the following gems require capistrano

capistrano-bundler 2.0.1

Bundler support for Capistrano 3.x

29.327.898 Descargas

capistrano-rails 1.6.1

Rails specific Capistrano tasks

19.769.896 Descargas

capistrano-rvm 0.1.2

RVM integration for Capistrano

15.720.349 Descargas

cap-ec2 1.1.2

Cap-EC2 is used to generate Capistrano namespaces and tasks from Amazon EC2 instance ta...

9.147.354 Descargas

capistrano-rbenv 2.2.0

rbenv integration for Capistrano

7.649.926 Descargas

capistrano-sidekiq 2.0.0

Sidekiq integration for Capistrano

5.416.153 Descargas

capistrano-ext 1.2.1

Useful task libraries and methods for Capistrano

5.253.310 Descargas

rvm-capistrano 1.5.6

RVM / Capistrano Integration Gem

4.819.817 Descargas

capistrano3-puma 5.2.0

Puma integration for Capistrano 3

4.004.756 Descargas

capistrano-passenger 0.2.1

Passenger support for Capistrano 3.x

3.657.935 Descargas

slackistrano 4.0.1

Send notifications to Slack about Capistrano deployments.

3.182.976 Descargas

capistrano3-unicorn 0.2.1

Unicorn specific Capistrano tasks

2.360.288 Descargas

capistrano-composer 0.0.6

Composer support for Capistrano 3.x

1.943.737 Descargas

capistrano_colors 0.5.5

Simple gem to display colors in capistrano output.

1.568.893 Descargas

capistrano-maintenance 1.2.1

Maintenance Support for Capistrano 3

1.534.289 Descargas

alpha_omega 1.5.15

Common reciples for persistent capistrano releases

1.408.510 Descargas

capistrano-rails-console 2.3.0

Remote rails console for capistrano

1.390.698 Descargas

capistrano-yarn 2.0.2

based on capistrano/npm gem

1.302.624 Descargas

capistrano-npm 1.0.3

npm support for Capistrano 3.x

1.237.925 Descargas

capistrano3-delayed-job 1.7.6

Manage start/stop/restart/status of DelayedJob workers using Capistrano 3

1.137.435 Descargas

capistrano-locally 0.3.0

Capistrano plugin to simplify "localhost" deployment. Capistrano can deploy the source...

908.028 Descargas

capistrano-file-permissions 1.0.0

File permissions management for Capistrano 3.x

845.953 Descargas

capistrano-unicorn 0.2.0

Capistrano plugin that integrates Unicorn server tasks.

740.197 Descargas

capistrano-s3_archive 1.0.1

Capistrano deployment from an archive on Amazon S3.

666.996 Descargas

capistrano-slackify 2.10.3

Publish deployment notifications to Slack via the incoming webhooks integration

647.198 Descargas

capistrano-faster-assets 1.1.0

Speeds up asset compilation by skipping the assets:precompile task if none of the asset...

641.259 Descargas

rvm1-capistrano3 1.4.0

RVM 1.x / Capistrano 3.x Integration Gem

619.312 Descargas

capistrano-resque 0.2.3

Capistrano plugin that integrates Resque server tasks.

587.692 Descargas

capistrano-rake 0.2.0

Run any rake task on a remote server using Capistrano

536.588 Descargas

rubber 3.2.2

The rubber plugin enables relatively complex multi-instance deployments of RubyOnRails ...

517.248 Descargas

Total de descargas 54.147.953

Para esta versión 1.449.709

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