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Dependencias inversas para calabash-cucumber Latest version of the following gems require calabash-cucumber

briar 2.0.5

extends calabash-ios steps

90.006 Descargas

yolo 1.4.0

yolo is a RubyGem which provides a Ruby interface to Continuous Integration build tools...

64.057 Descargas


This linkes-in calabash for iOS

24.870 Descargas

calios-uikit-extension 0.0.9

Calabash-ios UIKit extension provides convenient metaclasses for Calabash usage.

15.103 Descargas

guard-calabash-ios 0.3.0

Guard::Calabash-iOS automatically run your calabash features for iOS

13.495 Descargas

calios-uia-extension 0.0.6

Calabash-ios UIA extension provides convenient metaclasses for UIAutomation commands us...

10.363 Descargas

calabash-cucumber-ios-cn 0.0.5

Chinese translation of calabash-cucumber.

10.142 Descargas

rake_ci_tools 0.0.6

Predined Rake tasks for building, testing and deploying xcode projects Includes Sup...

8.220 Descargas

cios_helpers 0.0.4

Adds helper methods to calabash-cucumber.

7.879 Descargas

calabash-page-objects 0.5.6

Page Object frameworks for Calabash on iOS and Android

6.830 Descargas

calabash-cucumber-cn 0.0.8

Chinese translation of calabash-cucumber.

6.278 Descargas

calabash_drishyam 0.1.0

This gem is useful for inspecting the objects generated by Calabash) in the view port o...

5.348 Descargas

calabash-extras 0.0.2

TestCase and page traversal tool for writing xunit tests for Android and Ios apps

4.524 Descargas

cal-screenshot-resize 0.0.4

Gem which allow resizing screenshots in calabash-ios

2.956 Descargas

tabbyx 0.1.7

an agile testing framework supports testing web and mobile apps,including Android and iOS.

2.653 Descargas

Total de descargas 1.686.807

Para esta versión 13.492

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