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Dépendances inversées pour breadcrumbs_on_rails Latest version of the following gems require breadcrumbs_on_rails

ama_layout 11.3.1 site layouts

150 046 Téléchargements

spud_core 1.0.6

Spud Core Engine

118 195 Téléchargements

blacklight-spotlight 2.13.0

Enable librarians, curators, and others who are responsible for digital collections to ...

117 142 Téléchargements


Camaleon CMS is a dynamic and advanced content management system based on Ruby on Rails...

108 629 Téléchargements

curation_concerns 2.0.0

A Rails Engine that allows an application to CRUD CurationConcern objects (a.k.a. "Works")

80 662 Téléchargements

hyrax 2.9.0

Hyrax is a featureful Samvera front-end based on the latest and greatest Samvera softwa...

73 302 Téléchargements

tb_core 1.5.0

Twice Baked Core Engine

55 203 Téléchargements

spina 1.2.0


50 326 Téléchargements

instedd-rails 0.0.27

This gem unifies all the helpers and common views used by all Instedd applications

45 942 Téléchargements

virgo 0.3.17

Virgo is a comprehensive team blogging tool for Ruby on Rails

45 158 Téléchargements

curate 0.6.6

A data curation Ruby on Rails engine built on Hydra and Sufia

39 308 Téléchargements

test_server 0.5.2

Test server for proxies

25 604 Téléchargements

hierapolis-rails 1.1.3

This gem using to  integrate hierapolis theme  on rails project.

22 697 Téléchargements

auto_breadcrumbs 0.3.1

Automatically add breadcrumbs to each page by using locales

17 448 Téléchargements

helena_administration 1.0.3

Helena Administration is a simple rails application that provides a user interface to m...

14 666 Téléchargements

worthwhile 0.1.2

A self-deposit system with works and and many attached files

9 171 Téléchargements

integral 1.5.1

Building a professional website on Rails has never been easier. Create fascinating blog...

6 732 Téléchargements

breadcrumbs_on_rails-json_ld 1.0.2

JSON-LD plugin for Breadcrumbs on Rails

6 149 Téléchargements

spud_admin 0.2.0

Spud Admin Panel Engine

4 496 Téléchargements

cortex 0.1.3

An API-driven multitenant identity, custom content distribution/management and reportin...

3 515 Téléchargements

panko 0.0.2

Breadcrumb trails the right way: object-oriented outside the controller.

2 919 Téléchargements

lay_me_out 1.2.9

Provides the common layout and assets for all PayrollHero apps.

2 505 Téléchargements

camaleon_cms_rails6 2.5.0

Camaleon CMS is a dynamic and advanced content management system based on Ruby on Rails...

597 Téléchargements

test_hyrax 0.0.1.alpha

Hyrax is a featureful Hydra front-end based on the latest and greatest Hydra software c...

520 Téléchargements

simple_email_preview 1.0.0

A Rails Engine to preview plain text and html email in your browser

176 Téléchargements

Total de téléchargements 3 368 088

Pour cette version 126 546

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Version de Ruby requise: >= 2.4