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better_errors 的反向依赖 2.5.1


Create presentations with markdown and ease!

13,649 下载

goldencobra 2.3.4

This is the basic module of Golden Cobra. It offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an article mod...

12,975 下载

nww_devtools_rails 0.4.3

Gems used for Rails development at Nix-wie-weg

12,777 下载

slickgrid-requirejs-rails 1.3.0

SlickGrid Integration for Rails and RequireJS

11,626 下载

rocket_docs 0.0.12

Unintrusive interactive API documentation generator for rails apps

11,207 下载

hieraviz 0.2.6

Simple web application for accessing Puppet development code ...

10,457 下载

pg_translatable 0.0.8

Store translations in your PG database as HSTORE, JSON or JSONB.

10,146 下载

opentie-core 0.0.9

core library for opentie project

9,882 下载

solidus_searchkick 0.3.4

Filters, suggests, autocompletes, sortings, searches

9,066 下载

qa_server 6.1.0

A rails engine with questioning authority gem installed to serve as an authority search...

8,795 下载

rails_db_localize 0.0.9

Translation JIT: You don't need to think about translation in your project until you be...

8,586 下载

komachi-develop 0.3.0

development Gem set

8,545 下载

pagelet_rails 0.2.2

Improve perceived performance of your rails application with minimum effort

7,800 下载

rails_voter 0.2.1

Voting system for Rails applications

7,021 下载

working-rails 0.2.0

Whoa — ☈king's Rails rig

6,917 下载

openvpn-status-web 2.0.0

Small Rack (Ruby) application serving OpenVPN status file.

6,895 下载

dust-cms 0.0.07

Drop in Rails CMS : `bundle` and run `rake dust:init`

6,500 下载

better_errors-pry 1.0.3

Addon to Better Errors that adds Pry to the REPL.

6,461 下载

best_debugger 1.0

pry-rails, pry-byebug, better_errors, binding_of_caller all wrapped in one!

6,106 下载

solidus-adyen 1.0.0

Adyen HPP payments for Solidus Stores

6,049 下载

lux-fw 0.5.37

Ruby framework optimized for speed and linghtness

5,724 下载

noodles 0.0.8

Rack based web framework

5,485 下载

spree_zaez_variants_labels 3.0.5

Permite que o administrador cadastre labels para as variantes dos produtos e as exiba n...

5,155 下载

pry-better_rails 0.2.0

A metagem to tersify "gem 'pry-plus'; gem 'pry-rails'; gem 'better_errors'", and some a...

5,123 下载

minimum-viable-product 0.0.7

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

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rdcms 1.0.28

This is the Basic Module of Rdcms. It Offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an Article-Module, a ...

4,953 下载

stackprofiler 0.0.4

Web UI wrapper for the awesome stackprof profiler.

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rails_fancies 1.0.13

Most rails helpers tend to be tightly focused on placing a single element on a page, li...

4,643 下载

spree_zaez_clearsale 3.0.3

Add the ClearSale verification to Spree Commerce

4,609 下载

super-pry-rails 0.1.1

Meta gem to bundle better_errors, rails-footnotes, super-pry, and pry-rails.

4,576 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.0.0