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Dependencias inversas para better_errors 2.5.1

kuhsaft 2.6.3

Kuhsaft is a Rails engine that offers a simple CMS.

161.933 Descargas

conjoin 0.0.85

Still in development

121.545 Descargas

translation_center 2.0.2

Translation Center is a multi lingual web engine for Rails 3 apps. It builds a translat...

74.313 Descargas

carnival 0.3.2

Carnival is an easy-to-use and extensible Rails Engine to speed the development of data...

72.387 Descargas

uploadcare-rails 1.2.1

Rails wrapper for Uploadcare service. Based on uploadcare-ruby ...

62.554 Descargas

minimum_viable_product 0.7.15

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

56.997 Descargas

dashing-rails 2.6.2

The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework for Rails.

56.502 Descargas

dugway 0.12.1

Dugway allows you to run your Big Cartel theme on your computer, test it in any browser...

56.409 Descargas

uploadbox 0.2.0

Uploadbox makes easy to manage files in your Rails application.

48.061 Descargas

fuel 0.4.10

Fuel's goal is to be a simple yet customizable blogging gem.

42.655 Descargas

ginatra 4.1.0

Git repository viewer with a rocking good web interface

40.753 Descargas

cesium 1.24.0

WebGL Virtual Globe and Map Engine as Rails' Engine

37.060 Descargas

polygallery 0.4.8

Polymorphic galleries made simple.

34.829 Descargas

nyny 3.4.3

New York, New York - a (ridiculously) small and powerful web framework.

33.634 Descargas

ikazuchi 1.2.1

meta-package of useful gems for rails development

27.252 Descargas

railsstrap 3.3.4

Make rails and bootstrap sing with awesome helpers, additional components, and more.

26.762 Descargas

kilt-cms 1.1.0

Microsite Platform for Rails 4

25.745 Descargas

hanami-webconsole 0.1.0

Hanami webconsole for development

24.166 Descargas

fae-rails 2.1.0

CMS for Rails. For Reals.

22.991 Descargas

my_dashboard 0.8.6

Generate awesome widgets dashboard for Rails with FlexBox.

21.157 Descargas


PlatformX Gem for PlatformX

20.054 Descargas

storytime 2.1.6

A simple cms and blogging engine for rails apps.

19.236 Descargas

playbook_ui 4.0.0

Playbook Design System. Built for Nitro, but powering all.

19.077 Descargas

flutterby 0.6.2

Flutterby is a flexible, Ruby-powered, routing graph-based web application framework th...

18.597 Descargas

qbrick 2.7.1

Qbrick is a Rails engine that offers a simple CMS.

17.707 Descargas

notifly 0.3.6

This project intend to offer a full notification system, back and front-end.

17.394 Descargas

stackprof-webnav 1.0.0

Provides the ability to analyze StackProf dumps

16.372 Descargas

quadro 0.6.1

Quadro Content Management System

16.156 Descargas

routes_revealer 3.0.1

The /routes route will list all of the consuming application's routes except for extern...

15.696 Descargas

best_errors 0.1.4

better_errors and binding_of_caller: together at last!

14.151 Descargas

Total de descargas 26.295.770

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