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beautiful_url 1.4.105

This is a medium-sized gem which attempts to handle "matching" a String or a Symbol against (remote) URLs. The project was created in order to use short identifiers that can pinpoint to remote URLs, a bit similar to how shorturl is working. The gem is, however had, tailored to my use cases, so it will most likely be utterly useless to other people by default. Most downloads of this gem happen by scripts and bots, so do not think that the download numbers imply anything about "real" usage - the gem is way too much tailored to my own use case. In the long run, though, the project may be extended to allow the custom loading of yaml files, for a later release - but for now, I do not think that this project will be useful to anyone else. More documentation can be found at:


  1. 1.4.105 - December 18, 2020 (190 ko)
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  • Robert A. Heiler

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