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aws-sdk-iamの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require aws-sdk-iam

aws-sdk-resources 3.112.0

The official AWS SDK for Ruby. Provides both resource oriented interfaces and API clien...

249,052,819 ダウンロード

train-aws 0.2.19

Allows applications using Train to speak to AWS; handles authentication, cacheing, and ...

1,318,167 ダウンロード

stack_master 2.13.0

StackMaster is a sure-footed way of creating, updating and keeping track of Amazon (AWS...

194,534 ダウンロード

lono 7.5.1

The CloudFormation Framework

178,704 ダウンロード

elastic_whenever 0.6.1

Manage ECS Scheduled Tasks like Whenever

173,627 ダウンロード

cerberus_client 2.1.0

This is a Ruby based client library for communicating with Cerberus via HTTP and enable...

131,780 ダウンロード

cerberus_client 2.1.0

This is a Ruby based client library for communicating with Cerberus via HTTP and enable...

131,780 ダウンロード

terraforming 0.18.0

Export existing AWS resources to Terraform style (tf, tfstate)

114,556 ダウンロード

miam 0.2.4

Miam is a tool to manage IAM. It defines the state of IAM using DSL, and updates IAM ac...

73,833 ダウンロード

awskeyring 1.9.2

Manages AWS credentials in the macOS keychain

37,881 ダウンロード

cfn_manage 0.8.3

Start and stop aws resources in a cloudformation stack

26,792 ダウンロード

stax 0.1.7

Stax is a flexible set of ruby classes for wrangling your cloudformation stacks.

26,455 ダウンロード

lucid-cumulus 0.11.21

Cumulus allows you to manage your AWS infrastructure by creating JSON configuration fil...

25,131 ダウンロード

simplygenius-atmos 0.13.1

Atmos provides a terraform scaffold for creating cloud system architectures

22,144 ダウンロード

rebi 0.4.2

Deploy ElasticBeanstalk with multiple deploy, switchable and dynamic generated ebextens...

9,659 ダウンロード

ruby_lambda 0.5.4

Command line tool to locally run, test and deploy your Ruby app to AWS Lambda.

6,334 ダウンロード

stalkedbybean 0.2.7

You can deploy your Elixir app to AWS by running a few simple commands.

5,990 ダウンロード

practice_terraforming 0.1.11

practice terraforming

5,914 ダウンロード

aws_session_token 0.6.0

Tool to wrap AWS API to create and store Session tokens so that other commands/tools (e...

4,244 ダウンロード

aws-rotate 0.4.0

Easy way to rotate all your AWS keys in your ~/.aws/credentials

4,183 ダウンロード

ecs_deploy_cli 0.5.1

Declare your cluster structure in a ECSFile and use the CLI to run deploys and monitor ...

3,769 ダウンロード

heroku-config 0.4.0

Heroku Config AWS Access Key Rotator

3,171 ダウンロード

acs2aws 0.2.0

Login and retrieve AWS STS Token using a any SAML IDP. Inspired by OAuth2WebServerFlow.

3,063 ダウンロード

dynamo_secret 0.1.2

Encrypt and decrypt secrets stored in DynamoDB with GPG and/or KMS

2,599 ダウンロード

kubes_aws 0.3.1

Kubes AWS Helpers Library

2,439 ダウンロード

himeko 0.1.0

AWS IAM access key self service & management console federated login

831 ダウンロード

01xinan-metasploit-framework 6.0.17


570 ダウンロード

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