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aws-sdk-cloudformation 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require aws-sdk-cloudformation

aws-sdk-resources 3.106.0

The official AWS SDK for Ruby. Provides both resource oriented interfaces and API clien...

244,335,763 下载

train-aws 0.2.8

Allows applications using Train to speak to AWS; handles authentication, cacheing, and ...

1,253,084 下载

autostacker24 2.9.0

AutoStacker24 is a small ruby gem for managing AWS CloudFormation stacks. It is a thin ...

1,214,436 下载

prima-twig 1.4.0

Our tools to manage git and github

742,091 下载

eb_deployer 0.7.0

For automating Blue-Green deployment flows on Elastic Beanstalk.

570,892 下载

cfn-status 0.4.3

CloudFormation status library

414,025 下载

jets 3.0.11

Jets is a framework that allows you to create serverless applications with a beautiful ...

239,357 下载

stack_master 2.13.0

StackMaster is a sure-footed way of creating, updating and keeping track of Amazon (AWS...

180,923 下载

lono 7.5.1

The CloudFormation Framework

168,668 下载

stackup 1.7.0

Manage CloudFormation stacks

160,269 下载

humidifier 4.0.2

Programmatically generate and manage AWS CloudFormation templates, stacks, and change s...

141,746 下载

ufo 5.0.5

AWS ECS Deploy Tool

131,211 下载

cfhighlander 0.12.4

DSL on top of cfndsl. Manage libraries of cloudformation components

79,624 下载

minimal_pipeline 0.3.4

Helper gem to orchestrate pipeline tasks

49,485 下载

cloudformation-tool 1.4.1

A pre-compiler tool for CloudFormation YAML templates

39,238 下载

cfer 0.8.0

Toolkit for automating infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation

34,029 下载

cfncli 1.0.3

Creates a Cloudformation stack synchronously

32,125 下载

cody 1.0.4

Cody provides a beautiful DSL to create and manage AWS CodeBuild projects

31,072 下载

ciinabox-ecs 0.3.2

Manage ciinabox on Aws Ecs

26,138 下载

cfn_manage 0.8.3

Start and stop aws resources in a cloudformation stack

24,459 下载

stax 0.1.6

Stax is a flexible set of ruby classes for wrangling your cloudformation stacks.

23,348 下载

eks_cli 0.4.9

A utility to manage and create EKS (Kubernetes) cluster on Amazon Web Services

17,148 下载

cloudformation_wrapper 0.4.0

Deploys and Manages AWS CloudFormation.

15,711 下载

pipedream 0.4.5

A beautiful and powerful DSL to create and manage AWS CodePipeline pipelines

15,374 下载

cardtapp-cloudformation-ruby-dsl 0.0.1.pre.3

Ruby DSL library that provides a wrapper around the CloudFormation.

13,854 下载

codebuild 0.6.7

CodeBuild DSL Tool to Quickly Create CodeBuild Project

12,953 下载

forger 3.0.2

Create EC2 Instances with preconfigured settings

10,237 下载

cfn_monitor 0.4.5

CloudWatch monitoring tool can query a cloudformation stack and return ...

9,201 下载

cfn-vpn 1.3.1

creates and manages resources for the aws client vpn

8,509 下载

cuffsert 0.14.2

Cuffsert allows encoding the metadata and commandline arguments needed to load a templa...

8,070 下载

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