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Dependencias inversas para async-io Latest version of the following gems require async-io

async-http 0.56.5

A HTTP client and server library.

1.263.014 Descargas

async-websocket 0.19.0

An async websocket library on top of websocket-driver.

1.044.180 Descargas

async-dns 1.3.0

An easy to use DNS client resolver and server for Ruby.

808.771 Descargas

falcon 0.39.2

A fast, asynchronous, rack-compatible web server.

223.213 Descargas

async-container 0.16.12

Abstract container-based parallelism using threads and processes where appropriate.

148.497 Descargas

async-rspec 1.16.1

Helpers for writing specs against the async gem.

68.279 Descargas

pakyow-core 1.0.6

Core functionality for Pakyow

43.748 Descargas

deepstream 1.0.10

Basic ruby client for the server

40.005 Descargas

async-redis 0.6.0

A Redis client library.

39.221 Descargas

async-process 1.3.1

Asynchronous process spawning.

26.204 Descargas

rsmp 0.7.3

Easy RSMP site and supervisor communication.

26.005 Descargas

benchmark-http 0.15.0

An asynchronous benchmark toolbox for modern HTTP servers.

19.152 Descargas

db-mariadb 0.10.0

An event-driven interface for MariaDB and MySQL servers.

14.203 Descargas

db-postgres 0.7.0

Ruby FFI bindings for libpq C interface.

11.248 Descargas

tarbit 1.0.10


7.019 Descargas

turbo_test 0.1.2

Press the turbo button... for your tests.

3.189 Descargas

ciri-p2p 0.3.0

ciri-p2p is a DevP2P implementation, we also seek to implement LibP2P components upon c...

2.607 Descargas

senna 0.0.1

High performance, background jobs for Ruby.

1.382 Descargas

sonicsearch 0.1.3

Sonic search server integrations for Ruby on Rails

1.333 Descargas

async-worker 0.1.0

Non-blocking thread-pool based workers for blocking operations.

1.262 Descargas

lively 0.2.0

A simple client-server SPA framework.

1.195 Descargas

db-mysql 0.1.0

Ruby FFI bindings for libpq C interface.

774 Descargas

evinrude 0.0.1

The Raft engine

702 Descargas

gemini_server 0.1.0

Simple server for the Gemini protocol

570 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.922.969

Para esta versión 832.227

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Versión de Ruby requerida: >= 2.5