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Reverse dependencies for activerecord-jdbcsqlite3-adapter Latest version of the following gems require activerecord-jdbcsqlite3-adapter

opro 0.5.0

Enable OAuth clients (iphone, android, web sites, etc.) to access and use your Rails ap...

75,651 下載

maestrano-rails 1.0.4

Maestrano is the next generation marketplace for SME applications. See https://maestran...

61,956 下載

find_or_create_on_scopes 1.5.0

Adds methods to ActiveRecord for conditionally finding, creating, or updating records.

43,798 下載

ex_cite 2.1.0

Leverages citero-jruby gem and acts_as_citable to deliver a download and push mechanism.

34,412 下載

protective 0.2.0

Protect records from being destroyed in a declarative way. Simply add 'protect_if :dont...

28,267 下載

track_changes 1.0.1

Easier auditing of Rails model changes in your controllers.

25,376 下載

activerecord_chronological_records 0.2.1

Provides a set of helper methods for dealing with chronological records that have commo...

21,587 下載

activerecord-jdbc-import 0.0.3

Import items quickly with activerecord-jdbc

20,426 下載

bio-ngs 0.5.2

bio-ngs provides a framework for handling NGS data with BioRuby

20,114 下載

has_machine_tags 0.2.2

This plugin implements Flickr's machine tags as explained here[

17,691 下載

rbitter 0.2.4

Rbitter archives all tweets appeared on user streaming using ActiveRecord. XMLRPC is us...

16,180 下載

mailcatcher-jruby 1.1.5

[JRuby portion] of the original MailCatcher. MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP s...

13,128 下載

datamancer 0.1.0

A magical extract, transform, load (ETL) library for data integration.

10,651 下載

acts_as_executor 1.0.0.rc5

Seamlessly integrates Java's Executor framework with Ruby on Rails

8,481 下載

atom_smasher 0.0.3

Engine to add a RSS and Atom reader to your JRuby on Rails app.

6,274 下載

ji2p 0.0.5

JRuby interface for I2P

5,746 下載

lingvo 0.0.6

Will help don't forget english words

5,715 下載


DeadDrop allows you to drop content in an anonymous locker only accessible with a rando...

5,331 下載

agile-proxy-jruby 0.1.26

An agile, programmable, controllable proxy server for use standalone or as part of an i...

4,393 下載

taps-jruby 0.3.14

A simple database agnostic import/export app to transfer data to/from a remote database...

3,278 下載

citero_renderers 1.0.1

Renders citero objects for Rails applications.

2,371 下載

killbill-bitpay 0.0.1

Kill Bill payment plugin for Bitpay.

2,131 下載

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