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activerecord-importの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require activerecord-import

redshift-connector 7.2.2

redshift-connector is a bulk data connector for Rails (ActiveRecord).

49,234 ダウンロード

houston-core 0.9.2

Mission Control for your projects and teams

48,567 ダウンロード

voluntary 0.7.1

#Crowdsourcing management system for #RubyOnRails:

45,372 ダウンロード

redshift_connector 8.1.3

redshift_connector is a bulk data connector for Rails (ActiveRecord).

42,997 ダウンロード

pt-osc 0.2.5

Runs regular Rails/ActiveRecord migrations via the Percona Toolkit pt-online-schema-cha...

39,927 ダウンロード

atomically 1.1.2

An ActiveRecord extension for writing commonly useful atomic SQL statements to avoid ra...

38,604 ダウンロード

heart_seed 0.2.2

seed util (convert excel to yaml and insert yaml to db)

38,455 ダウンロード

pokotarou 1.2.3

Pokotarou is convenient seeder of 'Ruby on Rails'

33,882 ダウンロード


Light wrapper for RFam data in Ruby.

33,131 ダウンロード

rrrspec-server 0.4.6

Execute RSpec in a distributed manner

31,879 ダウンロード

activerecord-importer 0.3.1

activerecord-importer - Another Data Importer

29,203 ダウンロード

indexed_search 0.1.9

A rich indexed search engine for Rails written in pure Ruby.

28,630 ダウンロード

activerecord_csv_importer 0.3.0

A modified version of CSV Import using activerecord-import

27,959 ダウンロード

notifiable-core 0.4.2

Notifiable core classes.

25,801 ダウンロード

airdata 0.4.1

Rails engine for adding aviation related models and data to your web application

24,044 ダウンロード

drudgery 0.2.1

A simple ETL library that supports CSV, SQLite3, and ActiveRecord sources and destinati...

20,950 ダウンロード

activerecord-import-oracle_enhanced 0.1.5

A library for bulk inserting data using ActiveRecord and Oracle.

19,722 ダウンロード

csv_fast_importer 1.1.0

A gem to import CSV files' content into a PostgreSQL or MySQL database. It is respectiv...

19,654 ダウンロード

active_snapshot 0.3.0

Dead simple snapshot versioning for ActiveRecord models and associations.

19,331 ダウンロード

app_manager 1.6.0

Provides helper function to access AppManager API

18,996 ダウンロード

activerecord-import-vertica 0.0.5

An activerecord-import extension for Vertica

18,509 ダウンロード

logeater 0.4.0

Parses log files and imports them into a database

18,261 ダウンロード

historiographer 3.1.2

Creates separate tables for each history table

17,580 ダウンロード

ar_sync 1.1.1

ActiveRecord data synchronized with frontend DataStore

16,467 ダウンロード

gtfs_engine 2.1.0

A Rails Engine to provide a basic RESTful interface for GTFS feeds. GTFS Spec: https://...

16,337 ダウンロード

cryptocoin_payable 1.4.5

Cryptocurrency payment processor

16,105 ダウンロード

importable_attachments 0.0.18

Easier upload management for ActiveRecord

14,580 ダウンロード

low_card_tables 1.1.0

"Bitfields for ActiveRecord": store low-cardinality columns in a separate table for vas...

14,453 ダウンロード

bigbrotha 0.1.18

You can censor all comments and descriptions and any string that should be censored and...

14,022 ダウンロード

syncify 0.1.11

You can use this gem to copy records and their specified associations from production (...

13,822 ダウンロード

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必要Rubyバージョン: >= 2.4.0