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actionview 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require actionview

killbill 9.4.1

Base classes to write plugins.

134,065 下载

card 1.102.0

Cards are wiki-inspired data atoms.Card "Sharks" use links, nests, types, patterned nam...

125,092 下载

actionview_precompiler 0.2.3

Parses templates for render calls and uses them to precompile

113,114 下载

next_rails 1.0.4

A set of handy tools to upgrade your Rails application and keep it up to date

107,040 下载

minipack 0.3.6

Minipack is a gem for minimalists that integrates Rails and webpack without Webpcker

105,394 下载

action_widget 0.8.0

Reusable view components for your Ruby web application

101,108 下载

activerecord-turntable 4.4.1

ActiveRecord sharding extension

94,028 下载

killbill-paypal-express 6.0.0

Kill Bill payment plugin for Paypal Express Checkout.

88,097 下载

grape-papertrail 0.2.0

Papertrail support for Grape APIs

76,181 下载

qti 2.5.1

QTI 1.2 and 2.1 import and export models

70,096 下载

currency_select 3.0.0

Currency select plugin for Rails

67,571 下载

rails-vue-loader 0.1.1

A Sprockets transformer that converts .vue file into js object.

67,260 下载

apipie-dsl 2.4.0

Ruby DSL documentation tool

66,101 下载

rugular 0.10.0

Rugular - a ruby scaffolding framework for AngularJS

65,747 下载

killbill-litle 5.0.0

Kill Bill payment plugin for Litle & Co.

65,364 下载

ten_years_rails 1.0.2

A set of handy tools to upgrade your Rails application and keep it up to date

64,023 下载

api_me 0.14.1

This friendly library gives you helpers and generators to assist building RESTful API's...

57,502 下载

shipyard-framework 1.0.1

A lightweight CSS framework for developing mobile-first projects in Ruby on Rails.

55,904 下载

html_attributes 0.1.5

html_attributes provide helper methods to convert arrays and ...

55,341 下载

killbill-payment-test 6.0.0

Kill Bill Plugin to test the payment plugin api.

53,830 下载

administrate_exportable 0.5.0

Simple plugin to add CSV export feature to Administrate

53,584 下载

rails-intl-tel-input 0.1.3

Integrate with intl-tel-input to provide international telephone numbers input and form...

47,309 下载

rails_form_builder_param_name 1.0.1

Adds a method to Rails helpers which returns the value of the name attribute on fields ...

40,900 下载

webpack_manifest 0.2.4

WebpackManifest is a gem that integrates Rails with npm's webpack-manifest-plugin witho...

34,995 下载

fusionary-easel_helpers 0.3.0

Fusionary Rails View Helpers

32,351 下载

killbill-cybersource 5.2.7

Kill Bill payment plugin for Cybersource.

31,437 下载

activerecord-userstamp 3.0.4

This gem extends ActiveRecord::Base to add automatic updating of created_by and updated...

31,230 下载

bit_core 1.4.7

Models, migrations, etc.

29,949 下载

komponent 2.2.0

An opinionated way of organizing front-end code in Ruby on Rails, based on components

29,285 下载

zetabot 2.0.7

Zeta is a IRC bot written in ruby using the Cinch Framework

29,152 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5.0