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rspec-expectations 3.9.1 March 13, 2020

rspec-expectations provides a simple, readable API to express expected outcomes of a co...

510,636,364 下载

rack 2.2.2 February 10, 2020

Rack provides a minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web application...

358,635,732 下载

activesupport March 19, 2020

A toolkit of support libraries and Ruby core extensions extracted from the Rails framew...

330,294,269 下载

nokogiri 1.10.9 March 01, 2020

Nokogiri (鋸) is an HTML, XML, SAX, and Reader parser. Among Nokogiri's many features i...

296,483,319 下载

aws-sdk-core 3.92.0 March 31, 2020

Provides API clients for AWS. This gem is part of the official AWS SDK for Ruby.

243,819,946 下载

activemodel March 19, 2020

A toolkit for building modeling frameworks like Active Record. Rich support for attribu...

235,091,784 下载

activerecord March 19, 2020

Databases on Rails. Build a persistent domain model by mapping database tables to Ruby ...

229,687,967 下载