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axtro-aws-ses 0.4.4

Client library for Amazon's Simple Email Service's REST API

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Interface for working with Request Tracker (RT) tickets inspired by ActiveRecord.

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The rubber plugin enables relatively complex multi-instance deployments of RubyOnRails ...

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axtro-rvideo 0.9.6

Inspect and transcode video and audio files.

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AXTyper 0.8.0

Simulate keyboard input via the Mac OS X Accessibility Framework. This gem is a compone...

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axu-i18n-timezones 1.3.1

The purpose of this gem is to simply provide timezone translations. The gem is intended...

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ayadn 4.0.3 command-line client: toolbox to access and manage your ADN data, show your stre...

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ayah_integration 0.6.3

Integrate the CAPTCHA alternative human verification into your Ruby/Ra...

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ayanami 0.1.1

A Telegram Bot API that focuses on simplicity

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WebDriver-backed Watir

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aye 0.0.0


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aye_commander 1.1.1

A gem that helps to write commands in ruby.

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aygabtu 0.3.0

Feature test generator for GET requests, using Capybara and RSpec

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ayl 0.4.0

Invoke code At Your Leisure. ayl is a small framework that simplifies the process of im...

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ayl-beanstalk 0.4.1

Ayl extension to provide beanstalk support for applications requiring async processing.

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aylien_news_api 1.0.0

AYLIEN News API is the most powerful way of sourcing, searching and syndicating analyze...

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aylien_text_api 1.0.0

AYLIEN Text Analysis API is a package of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learni...

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ayl-rails 0.3.0

Partner to ayl to allow ActiveRecord after_* hooks to be made asynchronous.

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ayn-flickr_fu 0.3.9

Provides a ruby interface to flickr via the REST api

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ayril 0.1.2

An XML library for MacRuby that is built on top of Cocoa NSXML classes

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aysendinblue 0.0.1

Let you access Seninblue API

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Aython-Houttekier-thermostat-exercise 0.0.0

a ruby gem for a thermostat application

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az 2.0.1

Going from A to Z in different ways

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azahara_schema 0.3.19

This gem should provide complete tools for quick developement of easy registry app in RoR.

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azami 0.0.3

An EM gem

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azbuild 1.0.3

Build, Configuration and Deployment Gem for .Net Solutions

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az-cv-theme 1.0.0

A beautiful, cv theme for Jekyll. NOT DONE YET.

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azdeploy 1.0.48

Azure Deployment Gem. Provides easy setup and deployment scripting support for .Net pro...

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azebiki 0.0.8

A DSL for validating HTML

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azendoo 0.0.1

Use Azendoo's resource in your applications ;-)

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