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wisper 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require wisper


Description of BlueberryCMS.

12,986 下载

overlook-csgo 0.2.9

Ruby access to CS:GO demo files.

12,861 下载

punk 0.4.1

Punk! is an omakase web framework for rapid prototyping.

12,744 下载

wcc-contentful 1.0.1

Contentful API wrapper library exposing an ActiveRecord-like interface

11,796 下载

redress 0.5.0

Build maintainable Ruby apps

11,734 下载

wisper-testing 0.1.0

Helpers for testing Wisper publisher/subscribers.

11,701 下载

wisper-activejob-broadcaster 0.1.1

Broadcast wisper events into activejob queues

11,682 下载

chatrix 1.5.0

Ruby implementation of the Matrix API

10,672 下载

picobox 0.3.52

Docker development environment for humans

10,472 下载

call_sheet 0.4.0

Business Transaction Flow DSL

9,257 下载

transflow 0.3.0

Business Transaction Flow DSL

8,775 下载

jouba 1.1.0

Jouba is a tool set for event sourcing: aggregate root, entities and storage

7,626 下载

pubsub_on_rails 0.0.7

Opinionated publish-subscribe pattern for ruby and rails

6,800 下载

riserva 0.1.7

Backup files to cloud drive

6,356 下载

service_objects 1.0.0

Base class for objects, that implements both the Interactor and Observer design patterns.

5,874 下载

wisper-sequel 1.0.1

Transparently publish model lifecycle events to subscribers.

5,667 下载

yaps 0.1.0

Yet another publish subscribe gem

5,346 下载

wisper-active_tracker 0.1.3

Subscribe to changes on ActiveRecord models

5,187 下载

wisper_plus 0.1.6

Add ActiveRecord callback support; ActiveJob support and Automagic connection of subscr...

5,019 下载

wisper-async 0.1.0

Adds async broadcasting of events to Wisper

5,004 下载

missle 0.1.3

Command abstraction

3,447 下载

jellyfish-notification 0.0.2

A module that adds notification support to the Project Jellyfish API

3,302 下载

wisper-mongoid 0.1.0

Subscribe to changes on Mongoid models

3,217 下载

proxi 1.0

TCP and HTTP proxy scripts

2,997 下载

missile 0.1.0

Command abstraction

2,901 下载

telegram-rails 0.1.2

Rails integration for telegram-bot-rabbit

2,822 下载

pubsub_notifier 0.1.2

Pub/Sub Notifier for Ruby on Rails

2,611 下载

action-plan 0.1.0

Plan and eventually execute actions

2,575 下载

wisperable 0.2.1

Configure and Broadcast ActiveModel events via Wisper

2,388 下载

hoops 0.1.1

Handy Operation Oriented Programming Stuff

2,372 下载

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