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tzinfo-dataの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require tzinfo-data

zenaton 0.6.0

Zenaton ruby library

9,392 ダウンロード

globalize_current_translation 0.0.1

A gem that helps create a `current_translation` relationship which is the translation i...

9,299 ダウンロード

i18n_admin_utils 1.1.0

Utils to help manage translation in a rails application. Support simple and active reco...

8,707 ダウンロード

business-days 3.1.1

Methods to check if a given date is a business days and to perform computations based o...

8,070 ダウンロード

sportweb 0.3.3

sportweb - instant open sports web admin browser command line tool

7,928 ダウンロード

resque_admin-scheduler 1.3.0

Light weight job scheduling on top of ResqueAdmin. Adds methods enqueue_at/enqueue_...

7,464 ダウンロード

vagrant-guests-clearlinux 1.2.4

Enables Vagrant to manage Clear Linux guests.

7,384 ダウンロード

cinebase 3.0.1

I maintain several gems for cinema times in the UK, this gem is the interface descriptor.

6,510 ダウンロード

tasci_merger 0.3.2

Merger utility for TASCI scored sleep files, built for the Division of Sleep and Circad...

6,000 ダウンロード

voom-presenters 0.2.0

Presenters Gem.

5,442 ダウンロード


Core functionality for BarkerEST web apps.

5,252 ダウンロード

qat-core 7.0.0

QAT-Core is QAT's engine, including a collection of modules for: - Configuration ma...

5,081 ダウンロード

artic 1.0.5

A Ruby gem for time computations.

4,824 ダウンロード

rails_embed_editor 1.0.1

A tool that allow to display a embed editor on your page and edit local file(Views, Con...

4,476 ダウンロード

mr_common 2.1.0

Mreach Common Utils

4,025 ダウンロード

power_of_friendship 1.0.2

Power of Friendship is a friendship library for Rails' Active Records. It allows you to...

3,781 ダウンロード

active_record_migration_ui 0.1.2

Shows a web view when you have pending migration scripts and executes them for your aut...

3,438 ダウンロード

web_git 0.0.4

WebGit is a Rails Engine that provides an in-browser visual interface to a simple but e...

3,348 ダウンロード

enzanki-website-template 1.3.3

enzanki_ars's template for websites.

3,224 ダウンロード

fa-harness-tools 1.2.0

FreeAgent-specific pre-flight checks and tools that are designed to work in

2,969 ダウンロード

btspm 0.0.4

Currently has presenters and eager_loads

2,914 ダウンロード

ghostish-jekyll-theme 0.1.3

Ghostish is Jekyll theme designed to ease migration from Ghost.

2,358 ダウンロード

wsc_sdk 1.3.1

An SDK for accessing the Wowza Streaming Cloud API.

2,021 ダウンロード

sinatra-hexacta 0.3.7

A gem to support general functionality accross all apps

1,997 ダウンロード

activestorage_openstack 0.1.6

OpenStack ActiveStorage service without dependencies.

1,737 ダウンロード

resque-admin-scheduler 4.3.0

Light weight job scheduling on top of ResqueAdmin. Adds methods enqueue_at/enqueue_...

1,508 ダウンロード


Fluentd is an open source data collector designed to scale and simplify log management....

1,249 ダウンロード

add_to_calendar 0.2.5

Generate 'Add To Calendar' URLs for Android, Apple, Google, Office 365, Outlook, Outloo...

1,123 ダウンロード

logstash-input-ping 0.1.0

This gem is a Logstash plugin required to be installed on top of the Logstash core pipe...

1,106 ダウンロード

labtime 0.1.1

Labtime conversion tool and CLI

1,091 ダウンロード

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