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This project is called "studium", which is german for "studies". In a nutshell, this project attempts to help in study-related and exam-related topics, primarily focusing on lectures at universities in particular in central europe. One use case for this project is thus to aid in preparing for exams. There are also some helper classes that may aid in regards to studies in general - which exams are upcoming, what may be the weekly schedules, forward-planning of time that is to be invested, score points and ECTS points to assess how efficient the time spent was. Please do note that this project is specifically tailored to my own needs (or has been back when I used to study). I am perfectly fine to add code that may be useful for other people as well, but most of the time invested into the project happened because I needed something or found a particular functionality useful. This was why I have created this project too, in the first place. The downside is that this gem may thus not be very useful for you - apologies for that. Do note that I will maintain some of the dataset in this project for a longer while, but in the long run, there will come a time when I will no longer maintain the project really. I will make a notification when this is the case - people who may want to take-over are then free to do so. For more documentation, either look at the doc/ directory of this gem or click on the link called Documentation on the bottom right area of the homepage of this gem.


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