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This project is called "studium", which is german for "studies". The project attempts to be of help in study-related and exam-related aspects, in particular for universities in central europe (although with a focus on german, primarily; courses in english only secondarily, out of necessity alone). One major use case for this project is, thus, to be of help when one has to prepare for exams. The project contains many helper classes that may be relevant here - which exams are upcoming, what may be the weekly schedules, forward-planning of time that is to be invested for exams and courses, score points and ECTS points / ECTS credits, in order to assess how efficient the time spent was. The project has been created primarily for my use case back when I used to study myself. I am still maintaining the code, though, and will for the foreseeable future, but the project is not as active anymore - it is mostly in maintenance mode, so most work will go into polishing existing functionality, improving documentation, and so forth. Thus, the project may not cover your own use cases, but I am willing to listen and consider code additions as long as they are somewhat within the main focus of this projects. (If anyone wishes to take over the project, or be a co-published here on rubygems, feel free to drop me an email.) The studium-project presently contains 37982 question-answer entries. For more documentation, please either look at the doc/ directory of this gem or click on the link called Documentation, on the bottom right area of the very homepage of this gem (the direct URL is:


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