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gilenson 1.2.2

Обработчик типографских символов в HTML согласно общепринятым правилам. Посвящается П.Г...

47.069 Descargas

sr-mg 0.0.5

minimal gem

46.483 Descargas


Gemstub is a very simple tool for creating the stub code you need to build a gem. Usag...

44.075 Descargas

relative 1.0.3

The relative library enhances Ruby's core and standard libraries to support naming, ope...

41.806 Descargas

ivy4r-jars 1.2.0

Contains all java jar dependencies for ivy4r[

41.070 Descargas

kompanee-recipes 0.1.4

These are the common recipes we've been using here at The Kompanee. Packaged as a gem.

40.654 Descargas

enum 1.0.0

A java like Enum class for ruby. A while ago I was exploring Java, and came across th...

39.711 Descargas

sinatra-default_charset 0.2.0


39.201 Descargas

profanalyzer 1.2.0

Analyzes a block of text for profanity. It is able to filter profane words as well.

38.830 Descargas

gmail_contacts 2.0

Simple Gmail contacts extraction using GData. gmail_contacts development was sponsored...

37.007 Descargas

dnz-client 0.1.4

Ruby library for accessing Digital New Zealand's search API (

36.345 Descargas


Build and deploy tools for Cocoa apps using Sparkle for distributions and upgrades; it...

33.620 Descargas

adcenter-client 8.0.3

== DESCRIPTION: Interface to Microsoft (Yahoo!) adCenter SOAP API

31.793 Descargas

gitjour 6.6.0

Automates ZeroConf-powered serving and cloning of git repositories.

29.565 Descargas

trellis 0.1.1

A component based web framework

28.145 Descargas

apphoshies-ruby-client 0.5.0

The App Hoshies App Data Cloud is based on REST Webservices. For your convenience clien...

28.007 Descargas

typestrict 0.0.16

Static typesystem for ruby

27.651 Descargas

mcbean 0.4.0

McBean can convert documents from one format to another. McBean currently supports: * ...

25.498 Descargas

adcenter-client-r19 8.0.6

== DESCRIPTION: Interface to Microsoft (Yahoo!) adCenter SOAP API

25.450 Descargas


Install this gem to use DBF with JRuby on Rails.

23.832 Descargas

rtask 010

RTask handles tasks for releasing gem packages.

23.686 Descargas

cine-passion 0.10.2

Use Cine Passion scraper

23.330 Descargas

osvt 1.8.0

Open Source Version Tracker

21.531 Descargas

bistro_car 0.2.2

BistroCar serves up {CoffeeScript}[] from wit...

21.302 Descargas

carps 0.3.2

CARPS, the Computer Assisted Role-Playing Game System, is a tool for playing pen and pa...

20.566 Descargas

gembuilder 1.2.2

Take a gem file that builds an extension and create a binary gem (useful for production...

19.236 Descargas

rocker 0.0.10

This gem is very fast C++ code for calculating AUCs on results of cross-validation. It...

18.428 Descargas

experiment 0.3.3

It provides basic command line tools for simply defining things like cross validations,...

18.208 Descargas

slimtimercli 0.1.8

Command line interface to SlimTimer

17.973 Descargas

tappy 1.0.6

Twitter API Proxy in ruby.

17.962 Descargas

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