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Dependencias inversas para ruby_parser Latest version of the following gems require ruby_parser

rubyless 0.8.11

RubyLess is an interpreter for "safe ruby". The idea is to transform some "unsafe" ruby...

52.988 Descargas

fastruby 0.0.22

fast execution of ruby code

50.185 Descargas

locomotivecms-solid 4.0.1

The Solid gem from the TigerLily team but modified to work with LocomotiveCMS

49.990 Descargas

ruby_parser-legacy 1.0.0

ruby_parser-legacy includes the ruby 1.8 and 1.9 parsers from ruby_parser (now removed)...

42.678 Descargas

heckle 1.4.3

Heckle is unit test sadism(tm) at it's core. Heckle is a mutation tester. It modifies y...

42.320 Descargas

twitter_cldr_js 3.2.0

Provides date, time, number, and list formatting functionality for various Twitter-supp...

42.171 Descargas

bud 0.9.8

A prototype of the Bloom distributed programming language as a Ruby DSL.

41.164 Descargas

smith 0.8.9

Simple multi-agent framework. It uses AMQP for it's messaging layer.

40.808 Descargas

inherited_resources_views 0.4.1

Using Inherited Resources is an excellent way to reduce the amount of repetition in you...

32.581 Descargas

kevinrutherford-reek 1.2.0

Code smell detector for Ruby

31.565 Descargas

xiki 0.6.5

Xiki does what shell consoles do, but lets you edit everything at any time. It's trivia...

30.228 Descargas

refinerycms-stores 0.1.0

Complete engine for Stripe gateway-based shopping cart to be used with a RefineryCMS pr...

30.135 Descargas

umlify 1.2.6

umlify is a tool that creates class diagrams from your code.

23.993 Descargas

Hokkaido 0.1.5

Automates as much as possible in assistance with porting of gems to RubyMotion

23.509 Descargas

mvz-live_ast 1.3.2

LiveAST enables a program to find the ASTs of objects created by dynamically genera...

23.277 Descargas

brakeman-lib 4.8.2

Brakeman detects security vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails applications via static anal...

21.811 Descargas

ruby_scribe 0.1.5

A ruby formatting tool that takes S-expression as input and intelligently outputs forma...

21.132 Descargas

rpr 1.9.1

RPR displays Ruby's AST on command line.

19.683 Descargas

rdp-arguments 0.6.6

You don't have to wait until Ruby 2.0 to get (named|keyword) arguments support. Argumen...

19.199 Descargas

method-args 0.1.1

Get back more detailed information about the arguments for a method

19.126 Descargas

mago 0.1.0

Provides a command and API to detect magic numbers in ruby code

18.457 Descargas

format_validators 0.0.8

Complex format validators

18.135 Descargas

live_ast_ruby_parser 0.6.4

This is the default RubyParser-based parser used by LiveAST.

18.130 Descargas

minitest_to_rspec 0.13.0

A command-line tool for converting minitest files to rspec.

16.945 Descargas

guard-jruby-minitest 0.1.11

Guard::JRubyMinitest keeps a warmed up JVM ready to run your tests.

16.917 Descargas

cute_print 1.4.0

cute_print writes debug output to stderr. Optionally prints the source filename and li...

15.777 Descargas

atreides 2.0.5

Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle

15.466 Descargas

simplabs-excellent 1.5.3

Source Code analysis gem for Ruby and Rails

15.232 Descargas

code_node 0.1.4

Create Class and Module graphs for Ruby projects

14.888 Descargas

parameters_extra 0.2.0

Get back more detailed information about the parameters for a method.

14.155 Descargas

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