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roebe 0.5.147

What is the purpose of this project? This project essentially bundles together all my other ruby-related projects. It may not be extremely important for other ruby users, but in the event that someone may want to re-use / modify any of the code, this project is available on as well. When I am using a new computer, and ruby is available on that machine in any way (or if I can compile a version of ruby on that machine), then the roebe gem is the gem that I will install first, usually, together with the gem called colours (and the opn gem as well, but it is a tiny gem, so not really that important). The roebe gem acts, sort of, as my "basic working tools", code that I can use on a daily basis, written primarily in ruby. As such, the project has lots of different goals, and is a bit chaotic; it is a toolset project that helps me solve common (and not so common) problems. Since as of March 2018, this project also includes a slightly modified version of setup.rb - I needed this oldschool ruby file available in the event that an installation via gems would fail. For more documentation about this project, please have a look at the official homepage of this gem at, at its documentation/ link on the bottom right hand side (or just use this link directly: )


  1. 0.5.147 - January 27, 2023 (3.29 MB)
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colours >= 0
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  • Robert A. Heiler

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Required Ruby Version: >= 2.7.6

Required Rubygems Version: >= 3.4.5