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Dependencias inversas para rdf-spec Latest version of the following gems require rdf-spec

rdf-sesame 3.2.0

RDF.rb plugin providing a Sesame 2.0 storage adapter.

41.656 Descargas

rdf-mongo 3.2.0

rdf-mongo is a storage adapter for integrating MongoDB and rdf.rb, a Ruby library for w...

37.153 Descargas

rdf-do 3.1.0

RDF.rb extension providing a DataObjects storage adapter.

36.294 Descargas

rdf-marmotta 0.1.1

RDF::Repository layer for Apache Marmotta.

24.305 Descargas

rdf-jena 0.4.1

Implements an RDF.rb repository for Apache Jena running on JRuby.

20.645 Descargas

yaml-ld 0.0.2

YAML_LD parses and serializes YAML-LD into RDF and implements expansion, compaction and...

19.562 Descargas

derby 1.0.0

Implements the Fedora Commons API specification. Powered by RDF::LDP.

12.424 Descargas

rdf-agraph 0.4

An AllegroGraph adapter for use with RDF.rb.

10.259 Descargas

rdf-4store 0.0.2

RDF.rb plugin providing 4store storage adapter.

8.968 Descargas

openlogic-rdf 0.3.7

RDF.rb is a pure-Ruby library for working with Resource Description Framework (RDF) data.

6.933 Descargas

the-experimenters-rdf-rdfxml 0.3.4

RDF::RDFXML is an RDF/XML reader and writer for the RDF.rb library suite.

6.764 Descargas

rdf-edtf 1.1.0

Supports serializing and parsing EDTF (all levels) as typed literals in RDF.

5.554 Descargas

rdf-blazegraph 0.0.2

A Blazegraph Repository adapter for RDF.rb

5.085 Descargas

rdf-redstore 0.1.0

RDF.rb plugin providing a RedStore storage adapter.

4.219 Descargas

pius-rdfs 0.3.0

RDFS.rb is a forward-chaining inference engine that implements the RDF Schema (RDFS) en...

4.150 Descargas

active_triples-mongoid_strategy 0.1.0

active_triples-mongoid provides a graph-based MongoDB persistence strategy for ActiveTr...

3.507 Descargas

rdf-csv 0.0.0

RDF::CSV processes tabular data with metadata creating RDF or JSON output.

2.986 Descargas

rdf-hurley 0.0.1

Hurley HTTP adapter for RDF.rb

2.820 Descargas

ruby-jsonld-signatures 0.0.11

RDF::JSON::LD:Signature is an implementation of the JSON-LD Signature specification for...

2.795 Descargas

yarspg 0.1.0

YARSPG is an YARS-PG reader/writer for the RDF.rb library suite.

2.397 Descargas


Executes SPARQL queries and updates against a remote SPARQL 1.0 or 1.1 endpoint, ...

1.958 Descargas

rdf-lmdb 0.2.1

This module implements RDF::Repository on top of LMDB, a fast and robust key-value store.

1.389 Descargas

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Versión de Ruby requerida: >= 2.6