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rb-fsevent 的反向依赖 0.10.4

exvo-auth 0.14.1

Sign in with Exvo account

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appmake 0.2.2

Appmake allows you to easily develop single-page apps in HTML5

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punchblock 2.7.5

Like Rack is to Rails and Sinatra, Punchblock provides a consistent API on top of sever...

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blazing 0.5.0

painless git push deployments for everyone

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api_resource 0.6.25

A replacement for ActiveResource for RESTful APIs that handles associated object and mu...

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system 0.1.3

System is a pure ruby interface to gather systems information from the current host. Sy...

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state_machine_rspec 0.2.0

RSpec matchers for state_machine.

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google_calendar 0.6.4

A minimal wrapper around the google calendar API

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lono 7.5.0

The CloudFormation Framework

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komachi_heartbeat 2.5.0

Alive Monitoring of Application Server and DB Server.

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skydrive 1.2.0

Simple ruby client library for Skydrive cloud storage service with OAuth2

104,865 下载

memfs 1.0.0

MemFs provides a fake file system that can be used for tests. Strongly inspired by FakeFS.

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psd 3.9.0

Parse Photoshop PSD files with ease

99,938 下载

blogit 1.1.2

Add a blog to your Rails application in minutes with this mountable Rails Engine

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capsule_crm 1.10.4

Gem to communicate with CapsuleCRM

90,779 下载

vkontakte_api 1.4.4

A transparent wrapper for VKontakte API. Supports ruby-way naming of API methods (witho...

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buffer 0.1.3

Buffer is an API Wrapper Gem for's API

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element_factory 0.1.4

Element Factory is a more object oriented approach to generating markup.

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table_cloth 0.4.3

Table Cloth helps you create tables easily.

85,706 下载

gollum_rails 3.0.0

include Gollum into Rails with ease

84,769 下载

rails-bigint-pk 1.2.0

Rails-bigint-pk modifies Rails so that it uses 64-bit primary and f...

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echonest-ruby-api 0.8.0

A simple ruby wrapper around the Echonest API

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nimbu 0.11.8

Client library and command-line tool to design and manage websites on the Nimbu platform.

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supernova 0.7.6

Unified search scopes

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maid 0.7.0

Be lazy. Let Maid clean up after you, based on rules you define. Think of it as "Hazel ...

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soloist 1.0.3

Makes running chef-solo easy.

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spark_api 1.4.34

The spark_api gem handles most of the boilerplate for communicating with the Spark API ...

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babel_bridge 0.5.5

Babel Bridge is an object oriented parser generator for parsing expression grammars (PE...

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Webbynode Deployment Gem

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coyote 1.2.0

A speedy tool for combining and compressing your JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS and LESS...

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