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rack-protection 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require rack-protection

orbit-rb 0.2.4

Orbit is a Ruby Framework focused on simplicity and flexibility.

9,356 下载

owl-cms 0.1.5

A ruby CMS...

9,062 下载

j1_template 2019.4.12

J1 Template is a gem-based, clean, responsive and fully featured template made for Jeky...

7,785 下载

heroku_standard_config 0.0.3

Common configuration for some Heroku Rails apps, including redirects and security options.

7,490 下载

hippo-fw 0.9.9

Hippo is a framework for writing single page web applications. It's a full stack frame...

7,409 下载

da99_rack_protect 3.1.1

Various rack middlewares I use for projects. I got tired of copying/pasting the sam...

6,885 下载

poly-cms 0.1.2

Poly is a Ruby CMS with smart asset compiling and much, much more.

5,589 下载

pirj-sinatra-contrib 1.3.0

Collection of useful Sinatra extensions

3,013 下载

rubycut-sinatra-contrib 1.4.0

Collection of useful Sinatra extensions

2,609 下载

sinatra-acd 1.4.5

Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web applications in Ruby with minimal effort.

2,355 下载

tennpipes-base 3.6.6

Base of all the tennpipes framework gems

2,135 下载

sidekiq_cleaner 5.3.8

A cleaner library for the sidekiq job processor for use by the RL engineering team.

2,041 下载

pelita 0.2.0

Pelita is a configurable glue microframework for building API in ruby that focus in sim...

1,879 下载

corpshort 0.2.0

"go/" like private link shortener for internal purpose

1,676 下载

octopod-exe 0.9.4

Enables you to publish your podcast using the Jekyll static site generator, creating fe...

1,003 下载

himeko 0.1.0

AWS IAM access key self service & management console federated login

825 下载

ruby-freedom 0.1.1

Freedom is a very simple ruby web application framework.

778 下载

下载总次数 202,619,546

这个版本 11,478,422

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