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plistの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require plist

ruby_home 0.2.6

RubyHome is a lightweight service you can run on your home network that emulates the iO...

40,060 ダウンロード

fastlane-plugin-ciutils 0.2.5

Various utilities for iOS CI

39,339 ダウンロード

zucchini-ios 0.7.3

Zucchini follows simple walkthrough scenarios for your iOS app, takes screenshots and c...

38,666 ダウンロード

launch-agent 0.9.0

A library to use launchd easily

38,293 ダウンロード

elpeacho 0.0.5

Manage your iOS simulators with a yml file. All of your developers can have the same si...

37,930 ダウンロード

mercure 0.1.7

A tool that works only with plist files

36,347 ダウンロード

headdesk 0.17.0

headdesk helps identify and solve common issues in mobile development by analizing APKs...

35,309 ダウンロード

unlimit 0.0.9

Test your iOS projects on device despite the 100 device limit, by automatically switchi...

34,710 ダウンロード

ovpnmcgen.rb 0.7.1

Generates iOS configuration profiles (.mobileconfig) that configures OpenVPN for use wi...

34,499 ダウンロード

fastlane-plugin-ipa_info 0.8.3

show ipa info

32,409 ダウンロード

gin 1.2.1

Gin is a small Ruby web framework, built on Rack, which borrows from Sinatra expressive...

31,650 ダウンロード

airservice_build_tools 0.0.9

Build tools

30,240 ダウンロード

ios-box 0.2.4

Include atuomatic vesion conrol for you XCode projects.

29,257 ダウンロード

xcode 0.1.6

Rake tasks to deploy xcode project

28,610 ダウンロード

ambient-xcode 0.8.1

CLI for configuring Xcode projects from a Ruby file.

28,108 ダウンロード

textpow1x 1.2.5

A library for parsing TextMate bundles on ruby 1.x

27,757 ダウンロード

ios_config 1.3.7

Generate configuration profiles and payloads for Apple iOS devices

27,508 ダウンロード

xlocalize 0.7.2

Xcode localizations import/export helper tool

27,223 ダウンロード

furion 1.0.15

MTP Huya is the best!!!

25,478 ダウンロード

widget_bundler 0.0.10

Creates widget for iBook using html, javascript, stylesheet and images files

25,252 ダウンロード

aperture 0.3.5

Parses out the files from a Aperture Photo Library to give useful figures and check con...

25,015 ダウンロード

iosdeveloper 0.3.3

Command line tools for accessing iOS Provisioning Portal

24,963 ダウンロード

pantograph 0.1.22

A way to automate your apps, forked from Fastlane

24,948 ダウンロード

app_store 0.1.2

AppStore allows you to fetch informations about applications (title, description, size,...

24,915 ダウンロード

fastlane-plugin-goodify_info_plist 0.2.5

This plugin will update the plist so that the built application can be deployed and man...

24,579 ダウンロード

Musix 1.0.1

A simplified API for searching iTunes, Grooveshark and Spotify

24,330 ダウンロード

wox 0.0.8

Wox is a collection of build tasks that helps you build and publish iOS appicatinos

24,033 ダウンロード

ios-cert-enrollment 0.0.8

Easy tools to implement a SCEP server for iOS Configuration Profiles

23,218 ダウンロード

jtag 0.1.17

Auto-tagging and tagging tools for Jekyll

21,495 ダウンロード

merge_plist 1.0.8


20,818 ダウンロード

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必要Rubyバージョン: >= 1.9.3