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Dependencias inversas para plissken Latest version of the following gems require plissken

lono 7.5.1

The CloudFormation Framework

178.683 Descargas

escher 2.0.5

Escher helps you creating secure HTTP requests (for APIs) by signing HTTP(s) requests.

150.641 Descargas

ufo 5.0.5

AWS ECS Deploy Tool

140.689 Descargas

eight_ball 2.2.1

Ask questions about flagged features

133.241 Descargas

entangled 1.5.0

Makes Rails real time through websockets as a gem in the backend and as an Angular libr...

52.442 Descargas

polist 1.4.0

Polist is a gem for creating simple service classes and more.

49.008 Descargas

smartsheet 2.101.1

This is an SDK to simplify connecting to the Smartsheet API (http://www.smartsheet....

26.527 Descargas

docusign_dtr 0.3.9

Ruby library for Docusign DTR rest API

22.010 Descargas

lono-cfn 1.1.0

Wrapper cfn tool to quickly create CloudFormation stacks from lono templates and params...

18.546 Descargas

dotloop 0.1.12

Ruby library for Dotloop API.

17.996 Descargas

dotloop_api 0.1.6

Ruby library for Dotloop API V2.

17.745 Descargas

dandy 1.0.3

The philosophy of Dandy is to provide minimalistic middleware between your model and AP...

15.400 Descargas

dotloop-ruby 0.1.8

dotloop-ruby is Ruby library for Dotloop API v2.

13.749 Descargas

lono-params 1.0.1

Tool to generate a CloudFormation parameters json formatted file

12.646 Descargas

incentivale-sdk-ruby 1.0.1

Gem to wrap API v3

7.102 Descargas

sbrf_merchant 3.1.0

Simple and flexible Sberbank acquiring API client for Ruby

6.400 Descargas

orthanc 0.2.1

Client for the Orthanc DICOM server REST API

5.696 Descargas

selida-wlc-ruby 0.2.1

Gem to wrap API WLC

5.383 Descargas

flyticket 0.1.3

Get Ruby objects from Ticketfly's JSON API

4.418 Descargas

cool_hash 0.2.0

Collection of cool hash extensions.

3.641 Descargas

manatoo 0.0.3

Manatoo is an api first todo list that allows you to automate your task management

2.960 Descargas

paymaya 0.1.7

Ruby SDK for easy integration with the PayMaya APIs.

2.073 Descargas

politico_rss 1.0.0

A ruby interface to POLITICO RSS feeds. Includes feed contents and metadata.

1.956 Descargas

amazonparser 0.0.1

Amazon item lookup parser powered by Vacuum

1.414 Descargas

isbndb-ruby 0.1.1

Library for communicating with the's v2 API

1.354 Descargas

prefabc 0.0.8

Ruby bindings for Prefab C.

1.053 Descargas

Total de descargas 929.374

Para esta versión 51.719

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