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Dependencias inversas para phantomjs Latest version of the following gems require phantomjs

capture_image 0.0.5

it uses phantomjs at backend to create an image of given url on middleware level

11.023 Descargas

page-objectify 0.0.10

A Ruby page class generator (for use with the page-object gem)

10.849 Descargas

insta_scrape 1.1.4

The swiss army knife of instagram functionality. Restores all deprecated hashtag functi...

10.743 Descargas

insta_scrape 1.1.4

The swiss army knife of instagram functionality. Restores all deprecated hashtag functi...

10.743 Descargas

yslow 0.0.2

A Ruby wrapper for YSlow via PhantomJS

7.670 Descargas

canvas_exporting 0.0.4

canvas server exporting for Rails

6.823 Descargas

glebtv-screencap 0.2.1

a gem to grab screenshots of webpages, or just parts of webpages

6.356 Descargas

intransient_capybara 1.0.3

With improved debuggability, with proper usage and configuration of Capybara/Poltergeis...

6.338 Descargas

phantom-ruby-browser 0.1.1

Wraps PhantomJS headless browser into Ruby code and provides basic DOM operations like ...

5.818 Descargas

yamd 0.0.4

This gem offers: classes to subclass and create a manga site crawler; a dowloader to us...

5.339 Descargas

screencork 0.0.7

A gem for grabbing screenshots of webpages.

5.173 Descargas

instagram-rss_generator 0.0.3

Create an RSS feed for an Instagram user

5.055 Descargas

iijmio-cli 0.0.5

CLI tools for iijmio API.

4.677 Descargas

video_grabber 1.9

VideoGrabber crawl headlessly websites to extract their videos

4.479 Descargas

family_wellness_daily 0.0.3

A command line interface to view daily classes at Family Wellness in Fargo by category.

4.243 Descargas

ef-bee-lib 0.0.2

ef-bee-lib is a library for Facebook.

4.131 Descargas

session_timeout_prompter 1.0.0

A Rails Engine to prompt the user when their session is about to timeout and allow them...

4.013 Descargas

steam-daily-deals 0.2.1

A CLI gem that goes out to grab today's deals from the steam homepage and allows the us...

3.970 Descargas

my_bitcasa 1.0.1

MyBitcasa is an unofficial Bitcasa SDK.

3.934 Descargas

ruboty-ss 1.0.1

ruboty plugin for take a screenshot of website.

3.518 Descargas

jaspec 0.2.0

A stupid simple Jasmine spec-runner for AMD modules

3.314 Descargas

phandoc 0.0.2

Javascript + DOM in your ruby, based on PhantomJS.

3.269 Descargas

highcharts_exporting 0.0.2

Highcharts server exporting for Rails

3.204 Descargas

dkdeploy-cucumber 4.1.1

dkdeploy Cucumber step definitions

3.138 Descargas

treehouse-dl 0.1.0

Download videos form Treehouse without pro account

2.692 Descargas

rs-active_admin-sortable_tree 2.2.1

SortableTree provides sorting of lists and hierarchies from ActiveAdmin index views.

2.152 Descargas

qticker 1.1.0

This gem allows the user to enter a ticker symbol and retrieve a quote and company desc...

2.144 Descargas

recently_ps4_games 0.3.0

With this gem, you can see the lists of new and upcoming PS4 games and inquire the deta...

1.954 Descargas

fixed_activeadmin_sortable_table 1.3.1

Drag and drop reordering interface for ActiveAdmin tables

1.831 Descargas

capybara_poltergeist_typo3 0.1.0

Shared TYPO3 integration tests.

1.510 Descargas

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