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ohmの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require ohm

ohm-contrib 3.0.0

Includes a couple of core functions such as callbacks, timestamping, typecasting and lo...

983,895 ダウンロード


A simple but useful plugin for Ohm that enables control over Redis TTL through Ohm

526,336 ダウンロード

sinatra-support 1.2.2

Sinatra-support includes many helpers for forms, errors and many amazing things.

399,543 ダウンロード

sinatra-helpers 0.2.0

Includes month_choices, year_choices, country_choices

103,490 ダウンロード

noah 0.8.7

Application registry inspired by Apache Zookeeper

86,144 ダウンロード

noah 0.8.7

Application registry inspired by Apache Zookeeper

86,144 ダウンロード

minuteman 3.0.0

Fast and furious tracking system using Redis bitwise operations

57,475 ダウンロード

ohm-sorted 0.4.1

An plugin for Ohm that lets you create sorted indices.

53,787 ダウンロード

opentox-ruby 4.0.0

Ruby wrapper for the OpenTox REST API (

36,750 ダウンロード

extraloop-redis-storage 0.0.12

Redis-based Persistence layer for the ExtraLoop data extraction toolkit. Includes a con...

36,650 ダウンロード

troo 0.0.15

CLI interface for Trello.

33,896 ダウンロード

notifu 1.6.5

Provides Nagios-like notification configuration & schedules

25,058 ダウンロード

ohm-validations 1.1.0

Validations for Ohm models

16,105 ダウンロード

ohm-zset 0.5

Adds ZSet support to Ohm

15,617 ダウンロード

lita-standups 1.0.5

Lita standups

11,376 ダウンロード

krakenlab 2018.01.07

A Easy way to project your MMO Server.

11,323 ダウンロード

sir_tracks_alot 0.6.2

A high speed general purpose tracking and reporting tool which uses Redis.

10,865 ダウンロード

hello_server_client 0.1.1

hello_server client lib.

10,562 ダウンロード

shield-contrib 0.0.3

Provides various specific implementations based on the Shield protocol. Examples in...

10,226 ダウンロード

active_resource_test_helper 0.1.0

active_resource_test_helper makes it easier to use ActiveResouce::HttpMock. ...

9,702 ダウンロード

dover_to_calais 0.2.1

DoverToCalais allows the user to send a wide range of data sources (files & URLs) ...

8,899 ダウンロード

leash_provider 0.0.4

Leash allows you to build an OAuth2 provider for a closed set of trusted client apps. I...

8,725 ダウンロード

dca 0.1.1


7,497 ダウンロード

scrivener-contrib 1.1.0

Extra validations for Scrivener.

7,497 ダウンロード

place 0.1.1

Extract information from Polarion and turns it into easy manageable ruby objects. Th...

7,400 ダウンロード

universe-db 0.1.1

gem install universe-db

7,042 ダウンロード

ohm-geoindex 0.0.3

Geoindices for Ohm::Model (on Redis 3.2+)

6,497 ダウンロード

ohm-identity_map 0.1.1

Basic identity map for Ohm.

5,882 ダウンロード

database_cleaner-ohm 1.8.1

Strategies for cleaning databases using Ohm. Can be used to ensure a clean state for te...

5,824 ダウンロード

bario 0.1.2

Redis based nested progress bars

5,031 ダウンロード

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