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memory_profilerの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require memory_profiler

tipi 0.52

Tipi - the All-in-one Web Server for Ruby Apps

18,100 ダウンロード

twingly-search 5.3.1

Twingly Search is a product from Twingly AB

16,117 ダウンロード

brick 1.0.29

Auto-create models, views, controllers, and routes with this slick Rails extension

14,935 ダウンロード

nose 0.1.4

Schema design for NoSQL applications

12,123 ダウンロード

graph-function 0.2.0

Using gnuplot and Ruby's benchmarking abilities, see the asymptotic behavior of your fu...

10,602 ダウンロード

srx 0.6.0

An SRX segmenting engine

10,488 ダウンロード

schwad_performance_logger 0.4.1

Track your memory and time performance in console, csv and/or logs.

8,706 ダウンロード

duty_free 1.0.8

Simplify data imports and exports with this slick ActiveRecord extension

7,385 ダウンロード

params_ready 0.0.8

Create well defined controller interfaces. Sanitize, coerce and constrain incoming par...

7,170 ダウンロード

wahwah 1.3.0

WahWah is an audio metadata reader ruby gem, it supports many popular formats including...

7,099 ダウンロード

bot_twitter_ebooks 3.3.2

A framework for building interactive twitterbots which generate tweets based on pseudo-...

6,953 ダウンロード

stream_lines 0.4.1

A utility to stream lines of a file over HTTP

6,281 ダウンロード

twitter_ebooks_poll 3.2.3

Markov chains for all your friends~

4,655 ダウンロード

baseline_red_rpm 1.0.2

Ruby Agent for the Baseline Red, APM.

4,465 ダウンロード

mimetype 1.3.0

A fast, modern, and up-to-date MimeType library.

4,376 ダウンロード

hermes_messenger_of_the_gods 2.2.0


4,113 ダウンロード

ossert 0.1.2

Open-source gems maintenance & maturity tracking

4,057 ダウンロード

benchmark-sweet 0.2.2

Benchmark Sweet is a suite to run multiple kinds of metrics. It can be configured to ...

3,031 ダウンロード

aws-sdk-dynamodb-attribute-deserializer 1.1.0

AWS DynamoDB -Attribute Deserializer

2,559 ダウンロード

foxdear_ebooks 3.1.8

Markov chains for all your friends~

2,462 ダウンロード

rack_mem_prof 0.0.4

Sam Saffron's memory profiler made up as a rack middleware that writes reports to tmp f...

2,152 ダウンロード

year_array 0.1.5

Just an array wrapper to manage 8760 (or 8784) hourly values related to a year

2,139 ダウンロード

checking-you-out 0.7.0

File type identification library.

1,227 ダウンロード

params_ready_rails5 0.0.7

Create well defined controller interfaces. Sanitize, coerce and constrain incoming par...

1,147 ダウンロード

rb-fluent-plugin-cloudwatch-logs 0.7.1.pre.1

CloudWatch Logs Plugin for Fluentd with memory profiling

808 ダウンロード

password_blocklist 0.5.0

A simple Ruby library to check if a given string is present in a blocklist of commo...

469 ダウンロード

graphql_cody 1.13.0

A plain-Ruby implementation of GraphQL.

274 ダウンロード

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