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Dependencias inversas para memcache-client Latest version of the following gems require memcache-client

rails3b 3.0.1

My kingdom for working dependencies.

14.740 Descargas

atomic_mem_cache_store 0.1.0

Rails memcached store optimized for the thundering herd issue. This limit cache recalcu...

14.304 Descargas

mperham-politics 0.2.5

Algorithms and Tools for Distributed Computing in Ruby.

13.449 Descargas

ashleym1972-cache-money 0.2.9

Cache utilities.

12.879 Descargas

sinatra-mvc 0.0.4

A custom MVC stack that tries to keep the lightweight Sinatra feeling, while adding str...

11.465 Descargas

seifertd-cache-money 0.2.8

Cache utilities.

11.381 Descargas

memcache-client-activerecord 1.0.0

memcache-client-activerecord has the same interface as memcache-client, and provides th...

11.350 Descargas

Pistos-ramaze 2009.06.12

Ramaze is a simple and modular web framework

11.279 Descargas

memcache_viewer 0.0.4

A gem to query all keys or key-value pairs in memcache in a rails project

11.244 Descargas

pius-ruby-satisfaction 0.4.4

Ruby interface to Get Satisfaction

11.184 Descargas

starling-starling 0.10.0

Starling is a lightweight, transactional, distributed queue server

10.221 Descargas

nkallen-cache-money 0.2.5

Cache utilities.

9.764 Descargas

gateway-memcache 0.2.0

Gateway wrapper for memcache-client

9.693 Descargas

seamusabshere-cache-money 0.2.10

Cache utilities.

9.399 Descargas


A very simple, yet very powerful caching framework for Ruby.

9.305 Descargas

mem_mappr 0.0.2

This is a simple way to memcache ActiveRecord objects, mostly by serializing them into ...

9.274 Descargas

ht-memcache-lock 0.3.1

Memcache-based mutexes

9.202 Descargas

smira-memcache-lock 0.2.1

Memcache key lock, extracted from cache-money, adapted to Rails memcache store.

9.062 Descargas

factorylabs-cache-money 0.2.8

Cache utilities.

8.729 Descargas

memcache-client-stats 1.1.0

Query MemCache server stats through memcache-client

8.081 Descargas

mem_cache_fragment_store 1.0.1

MemCacheFragmentStore correctly handles errors and reuses the CACHE object rather than ...

8.071 Descargas


Cache utilities.

7.964 Descargas


Starling is a lightweight, transactional, distributed queue server

7.694 Descargas

cachetastic-memcache-pool 0.1.1

Cachetastic Memcached Adapter with Connection Pooling

7.669 Descargas

sinatra-memcache 0.1.1

Cache extension on Sinatra, updated for Sinatra 1.0 by felix

7.398 Descargas

kestrelrb 0.8.1

Kestrel is a queue server written in Scala that runs on the JVM and has a memcached wir...

7.044 Descargas

universe-db 0.1.1

gem install universe-db

6.233 Descargas

advany-starling 0.9.8

Starling is a lightweight, transactional, distributed queue server

6.037 Descargas

wiki 0.1.0

Wiki is a single-page application for browsing and editing content distributed througho...

5.336 Descargas

instantcache 0.1.1

*rubygem-instantcache* provides the InstantCache module, a mixin which has accessors th...

5.332 Descargas

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