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Dependencias inversas para jekyll 4.0.0

linaro-jekyll-theme 1.3

This is the default Linaro Jekyll Theme used on Linaro Static sites.

117.057 Descargas

minimal-mistakes-jekyll 4.19.1

A flexible two-column Jekyll theme.

107.528 Descargas

jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin 1.6.1

Plugin for Jekyll 2.x and 3.x that adds support for translated keys, templates and posts.

106.224 Descargas

jekyll-attendease 0.9.2

Bring your event data into Jekyll for amazing event websites.

105.489 Descargas

jekyll-compose 0.12.0

Streamline your writing in Jekyll with these commands.

105.307 Descargas

octopress-ink 1.2.1

A framework for creating themes and plugins for Jekyll sites

102.316 Descargas

jekyll-minifier 0.1.10

Jekyll Minifier using htmlcompressor for html, uglifier for js and css

95.999 Descargas

octopress-escape-code 2.1.1

Return tag renders a variable with some nice features

90.724 Descargas

jekyll_pages_api 0.1.6

A Jekyll Plugin that generates a JSON file with data for all the Pages in your Site.

83.891 Descargas

jekyll_pages_api_search 0.5.0

Contains a Jekyll plugin and associated files that facilitate adding client-side search...

78.327 Descargas

jekyll-autoprefixer 1.0.2

Autoprefixer integration for Jekyll

75.304 Descargas

jekyll-contentful-data-import 1.8.1

Load blog posts and other managed content into Jekyll

73.619 Descargas

rabbit 3.0.0

You can create your slide as a text file. It means that you can version controlyour sli...

71.785 Descargas

kcc-gem-theme 1.51.34

KCC's Gem-based theme for building jekyll sites.

71.572 Descargas

betterplace-content 0.7.33's Jekyll Content Theme

71.561 Descargas

guides_style_18f 2.0.1

Provides consistent style elements for documents based on the 18F Guides Template (http...

67.958 Descargas

guard-jekyll-plus 2.0.2

A Guard plugin for smarter Jekyll watching

66.191 Descargas

jekyll-responsive-image 1.5.4

Highly configurable Jekyll plugin for managing responsive images. Automatically res...

65.289 Descargas

siteleaf 2.1.0

A Ruby interface and command line utility for the Siteleaf API.

65.097 Descargas

hawkins 2.0.5

A Jekyll extension that adds in Live Reload

64.144 Descargas

jekyll-extlinks 0.0.5

Adds custom attributes to external links (rel="nofollow", target="_blank", etc.)

62.084 Descargas

jekyll-polyglot 1.3.1

Fast open source i18n plugin for Jekyll blogs.

61.801 Descargas


The Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...

60.187 Descargas

jekyll-tidy 0.2.2

Sanitize and Tidy HTML Output for Jekyll

59.079 Descargas

octopress-date-format 3.0.3

Adds nicely formated dates to Jekyll posts and pages. (formerly: 'jekyll-date-format')

57.206 Descargas

jekyll-timeago 0.13.1

A Ruby library to compute distance of dates in words. Originally built for Jekyll, as a...

55.523 Descargas

jekyll-picture-tag 0.3.0

Jekyll Picture Tag is a liquid tag that adds responsive images to your Jekyll static si...

50.591 Descargas

dta_rapid 1.6.2

Converting the DTA UI kit (see into a Jekyll t...

50.579 Descargas

octopress-minify-html 1.3.1

Minify Jekyll's HTML output using html_press

48.969 Descargas

jekyll-minibundle 2.2.0

A straightforward asset bundling plugin for Jekyll, utilizing external minification too...

48.492 Descargas

Total de descargas 10.895.417

Para esta versión 472.237

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Versión de Ruby requerida: >= 2.4.0

Versión de Rubygems requerida: >= 2.7.0