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Dependencias inversas para jekyll Latest version of the following gems require jekyll

jekyll-contentblocks 1.2.0

Provides a mechanism for passing content up to the layout, like Rails' content_for

134.517 Descargas

linaro-jekyll-theme 4.0.1

Linaro's bootstrap 4/jekyll 4 static website theme.

132.624 Descargas

jekyll-multiple-languages-plugin 1.7.0

Plugin for Jekyll 2.x and 3.x that adds support for translated keys, templates and posts.

129.658 Descargas

jekyll-compose 0.12.0

Streamline your writing in Jekyll with these commands.

128.162 Descargas

kcc-gem-theme 1.66.63

KCC's Gem-based theme for building jekyll sites.

125.782 Descargas

jekyll-minifier 0.1.10

Jekyll Minifier using htmlcompressor for html, uglifier for js and css

118.099 Descargas

jekyll-attendease 0.9.7

Bring your event data into Jekyll for amazing event websites.

117.071 Descargas

octopress-ink 1.2.1

A framework for creating themes and plugins for Jekyll sites

106.806 Descargas

betterplace-content 0.7.70's Jekyll Content Theme

103.356 Descargas

jekyll-polyglot 1.3.3

Fast open source i18n plugin for Jekyll blogs.

100.026 Descargas

jekyll-autoprefixer 1.0.2

Autoprefixer integration for Jekyll

97.421 Descargas

jekyll-contentful-data-import 1.8.1

Load blog posts and other managed content into Jekyll

94.533 Descargas

octopress-escape-code 2.1.1

Return tag renders a variable with some nice features

93.913 Descargas

hawkins 2.0.5

A Jekyll extension that adds in Live Reload

88.389 Descargas

jekyll_pages_api 0.1.6

A Jekyll Plugin that generates a JSON file with data for all the Pages in your Site.

87.101 Descargas

jekyll-extlinks 0.0.5

Adds custom attributes to external links (rel="nofollow", target="_blank", etc.)

85.067 Descargas

jekyll_pages_api_search 0.5.0

Contains a Jekyll plugin and associated files that facilitate adding client-side search...

81.493 Descargas

just-the-docs 0.3.3

A modern, highly customizable, and responsive Jekyll theme for documention with built-i...

80.278 Descargas

jekyll-tidy 0.2.2

Sanitize and Tidy HTML Output for Jekyll

76.065 Descargas

guard-jekyll-plus 2.0.2

A Guard plugin for smarter Jekyll watching

75.320 Descargas

rabbit 3.0.0

You can create your slide as a text file. It means that you can version controlyour sli...

74.007 Descargas

siteleaf 2.1.1

A Ruby interface and command line utility for the Siteleaf API.

72.345 Descargas

jekyll-responsive-image 1.5.5

Highly configurable Jekyll plugin for managing responsive images. Automatically res...

71.826 Descargas

guides_style_18f 2.0.1

Provides consistent style elements for documents based on the 18F Guides Template (http...

70.312 Descargas

jekyll-timeago 0.13.1

A Ruby library to compute distance of dates in words. Originally built for Jekyll, as a...

66.281 Descargas


The Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...

62.648 Descargas

dta_rapid 1.6.2

Converting the DTA UI kit (see into a Jekyll t...

58.934 Descargas

octopress-date-format 3.0.3

Adds nicely formated dates to Jekyll posts and pages. (formerly: 'jekyll-date-format')

58.322 Descargas

octopress-minify-html 1.3.1

Minify Jekyll's HTML output using html_press

57.278 Descargas

jekyll_test_plugin 0.1.0

A test plugin for Jekyll's 'gem' config option

55.008 Descargas

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Para esta versión 364.124

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Versión de Ruby requerida: >= 2.4.0

Versión de Rubygems requerida: >= 2.7.0