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Dependencias inversas para jekyll 4.0.0

jekyll-theme-dinky 0.1.1

Dinky is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

1.140.604 Descargas

jekyll-theme-tactile 0.1.1

Tactile is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

1.140.561 Descargas

jekyll-theme-modernist 0.1.1

Modernist is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

1.140.306 Descargas

buildr 1.5.8

Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scal...

1.097.628 Descargas

buildr 1.5.8

Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scal...

1.097.628 Descargas

jekyll-remote-theme 0.4.2

Jekyll plugin for building Jekyll sites with any GitHub-hosted theme

876.921 Descargas

jekyll-commonmark 1.3.1

CommonMark generator for Jekyll

865.642 Descargas

jekyll-assets 3.0.12

A drop-in Jekyll Plugin that provides an asset pipeline for JavaScript, CSS, SASS, SCSS...

830.458 Descargas

liquid-md5 0.0.3

Adds md5 filter to Liquid.

342.166 Descargas

jekyll-paginate-v2 3.0.0

An enhanced zero-configuration in-place replacement for the now decomissioned built-in ...

309.316 Descargas

jekyll-toc 0.13.1

Jekyll (Ruby static website generator) plugin which generates a table of contents.

222.759 Descargas

jekyll-archives 2.2.1

Automatically generate post archives by dates, tags, and categories.

214.188 Descargas

octopress-hooks 2.6.2

Allows access to Jekyll's site, posts and pages at different points in the life cycle o...

210.855 Descargas

jekyll-last-modified-at 1.2.1

A liquid tag for Jekyll to indicate the last time a file was modified.

205.594 Descargas

jekyll-include-cache 0.2.0

A Jekyll plugin to cache the rendering of Liquid includes

201.259 Descargas


This is a Bootstrap 3 Jekyll Theme built for Linaro Static Websites

191.949 Descargas

jekyll-scholar 6.6.0

Jekyll-Scholar is for all the academic bloggers out there. It is a set of extensions fo...

189.496 Descargas

jekyll-sanity 1.6.0

Patches to make Jekyll less insane and easier

187.592 Descargas

rack-jekyll 0.5.0

Rack-Jekyll transforms your Jekyll app into a Rack application.

172.101 Descargas

jekyll-octicons 9.6.0

A jekyll liquid plugin that makes including svg Octicons simple.

170.519 Descargas

jekyll-asciidoc 3.0.0

A Jekyll plugin that converts the AsciiDoc source files in your site to HTML pages usin...

165.091 Descargas

jekyll-algolia 1.6.0

Index all your content into Algolia by running `jekyll algolia`

159.248 Descargas

jekyll-menus 0.6.1

Menus (site navigation) for your Jekyll website

158.707 Descargas

jekyll-data 1.1.0

A plugin to read '_config.yml' and data files within Jekyll theme-gems

157.145 Descargas

octopress-autoprefixer 2.0.1

Autoprefixer for Jekyll based sites

154.750 Descargas

jekyll-livereload 0.2.2

This is a plugin for Jekyll. It adds additional command line options to the server ...

149.479 Descargas

octopress 3.0.11

Octopress is an obsessively designed framework for Jekyll blogging. It’s easy to config...

139.091 Descargas

jekyll-admin 0.10.1

Jekyll::Admin is a drop in administrative framework for Jekyll sites.

138.610 Descargas

jekyll-import 0.19.2

Provides the Import command for Jekyll.

131.050 Descargas

jekyll-contentblocks 1.2.0

Provides a mechanism for passing content up to the layout, like Rails' content_for

120.472 Descargas

Total de descargas 10.922.799

Para esta versión 481.011

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Versión de Rubygems requerida: >= 2.7.0