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Dependencias inversas para jekyll Latest version of the following gems require jekyll

jekyll-theme-merlot 0.1.1

Merlot is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

1.452.258 Descargas

jekyll-theme-tactile 0.1.1

Tactile is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

1.452.110 Descargas

jekyll-theme-modernist 0.1.1

Modernist is a Jekyll theme for GitHub Pages

1.451.883 Descargas

jekyll-remote-theme 0.4.2

Jekyll plugin for building Jekyll sites with any GitHub-hosted theme

1.228.855 Descargas

buildr 1.5.8

Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scal...

1.183.998 Descargas

buildr 1.5.8

Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scal...

1.183.998 Descargas

jekyll-commonmark 1.3.1

CommonMark generator for Jekyll

1.173.308 Descargas

jekyll-assets 3.0.12

A drop-in Jekyll Plugin that provides an asset pipeline for JavaScript, CSS, SASS, SCSS...

939.800 Descargas

liquid-md5 0.0.3

Adds md5 filter to Liquid.

416.642 Descargas

jekyll-paginate-v2 3.0.0

An enhanced zero-configuration in-place replacement for the now decomissioned built-in ...

413.901 Descargas

jekyll-toc 0.15.0

Jekyll (Ruby static website generator) plugin which generates a Table of Contents for t...

402.141 Descargas

jekyll-last-modified-at 1.3.0

A liquid tag for Jekyll to indicate the last time a file was modified.

293.928 Descargas

jekyll-include-cache 0.2.1

A Jekyll plugin to cache the rendering of Liquid includes

282.680 Descargas

jekyll-archives 2.2.1

Automatically generate post archives by dates, tags, and categories.

272.607 Descargas

jekyll-octicons 11.0.0

A jekyll liquid plugin that makes including svg Octicons simple.

258.059 Descargas

jekyll-scholar 6.8.0

Jekyll-Scholar is for all the academic bloggers out there. It is a set of extensions fo...

252.683 Descargas


This is a Bootstrap 3 Jekyll Theme built for Linaro Static Websites

251.068 Descargas

jekyll-sanity 1.6.0

Patches to make Jekyll less insane and easier

236.414 Descargas

jekyll-asciidoc 3.0.0

A Jekyll plugin that converts the AsciiDoc source files in your site to HTML pages usin...

225.015 Descargas

octopress-hooks 2.6.2

Allows access to Jekyll's site, posts and pages at different points in the life cycle o...

224.424 Descargas

jekyll-algolia 1.6.0

Index all your content into Algolia by running `jekyll algolia`

222.401 Descargas

jekyll-menus 0.6.1

Menus (site navigation) for your Jekyll website

190.181 Descargas

rack-jekyll 0.5.0

Rack-Jekyll transforms your Jekyll app into a Rack application.

188.383 Descargas

jekyll-data 1.1.0

A plugin to read '_config.yml' and data files within Jekyll theme-gems

185.843 Descargas

jekyll-livereload 0.2.2

This is a plugin for Jekyll. It adds additional command line options to the server ...

169.033 Descargas

octopress-autoprefixer 2.0.1

Autoprefixer for Jekyll based sites

162.249 Descargas

jekyll-admin 0.10.2

Jekyll::Admin is a drop in administrative framework for Jekyll sites.

160.583 Descargas

octopress 3.0.11

Octopress is an obsessively designed framework for Jekyll blogging. It’s easy to config...

144.178 Descargas

jekyll-import 0.20.0

Provides the Import command for Jekyll.

137.822 Descargas

minimal-mistakes-jekyll 4.20.2

A flexible two-column Jekyll theme.

135.885 Descargas

Total de descargas 12.993.983

Para esta versión 365.129

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Versión de Ruby requerida: >= 2.4.0

Versión de Rubygems requerida: >= 2.7.0