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http 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require http

gemwarrior 0.15.10

A fun text adventure in the form of a RubyGem!

134,721 下载

rest-ftp-daemon 1.1.1

A pretty simple transfer daemon, controlled with a RESTful API

133,552 下载

ostatus2 2.0.3

Toolset for interacting with the OStatus2 suite of protocols

128,727 下载

asin 2.1.0

Amazon Simple INterface - Support for ItemLookup, SimilarityLookup, Search, BrowseNode ...

120,801 下载

wechat 0.13.2

API, command and message handling for WeChat in Rails

120,015 下载

traject 3.5.0

An easy to use, high-performance, flexible and extensible metadata transformation syste...

119,758 下载

hal-client 5.0.0

An easy to use interface for REST APIs that use HAL.

115,798 下载

ibm_cloud_sdk_core 1.1.3

Official IBM Cloud SDK core library

112,717 下载

shrine-url 2.4.0

Provides a fake storage which allows you to create a Shrine attachment defined only by ...

110,731 下载

ezclient 1.5.1

An HTTP gem wrapper for easy persistent connections and more.

105,544 下载

shrine-google_cloud_storage 3.1.0

Provides Google Cloud Storage storage for Shrine.

105,166 下载

morpheus-cli 5.3.1

Infrastructure agnostic cloud application management & orchestration CLI for Morpheus. ...

98,516 下载

cognito-client 0.5.4

Unofficial Ruby client for the BlockScore Cognito API

89,852 下载

artoo 1.8.2

Ruby-based microframework for robotics

87,838 下载

logstash_auditor 1.1.1

Logstash implementation of SOAR architecture auditing allowing easy publishing of event...

82,414 下载

noticed 1.4.1

Database, browser, realtime ActionCable, Email, SMS, Slack notifications, and more for ...

79,695 下载

vagrant-s3auth 1.3.2

Private, versioned Vagrant boxes hosted on Amazon S3.

76,303 下载

fluent-plugin-logdna 0.4.0

Fluentd Plugin for Supplying Output to LogDNA.

71,992 下载

linner 0.12.0

HTML5 Application Assembler

70,825 下载

batali 0.5.0


68,814 下载

coconutrb 3.0.1

Official client library to transcode videos with Coconut Cloud Service

66,530 下载

redd 0.8.8

A batteries-included API wrapper for reddit.

63,239 下载

shrine-fog 2.0.1

Provides Fog storage for Shrine.

61,422 下载

flickr_airlift 0.6.0

A Command-Line tool for scraping any user's original photos.

51,982 下载

webspicy 0.20.12

Webspicy helps testing web services as software operation black boxes

51,445 下载

cellect-client 3.0.2

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

51,309 下载

shaman_cli 2.6

Very cool command tool for infinum

47,599 下载

build-buddy 1.16.4

A build buddy bot with GitHub and Slack integration.

45,281 下载

shrine-cloudinary 1.1.1

Provides Cloudinary storage for Shrine.

44,769 下载

cellect-server 3.0.2

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

43,468 下载

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这个版本 64,390

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5