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Reverse dependencies for html-pipeline Latest version of the following gems require html-pipeline

html-pipeline-nico_link 0.5.0

niconico link for html-pipeline

12,784 下載

downr 0.0.7

Wrapper for RedCarpet, adding syntax highlighting, emojis etc.

12,332 下載

html-pipeline-issue_references 1.0.2

An HTML::Pipeline filter for auto-linking GitHub issue references

12,170 下載

slack_markdown 0.3.0

Convert Slack message markdown to HTML.

10,714 下載

html_pipeline_rails 0.1.0

Render Markdown via HTML::Pipeline in Rails.

10,215 下載

magnet-markdown 0.0.5

Magnet specified markdown processor

10,060 下載

acts_as_pdf 0.2.0

Description of ActsAsPdf.

9,782 下載

jekyll-img-converter 0.1.5

jekyll-img-converter is support to convert IMG tag with inline style from markdown usin...

9,120 下載

pot_markdown 0.1.6

Markdown processor like GitHub

9,085 下載

html-pipeline-wiki-link 0.0.4

An HTML::Pipeline filter for WikiMedia-style wiki links.

8,748 下載

html-pipeline-asciidoc_filter 1.5.3

An AsciiDoc processing filter for html-pipeline powered by Asciidoctor

8,538 下載

markup-email 1.2.4

Converting Markup to E-mails with github-markup

8,058 下載

jekyll-openmoji 0.1.6

OpenMoji emoji pack plugin for Jekyll with powerful configuration...

7,776 下載

html-pipeline-negarmoji 0.1.6

Negareh emoji library is an emoji filter plugin for html pipeline, ...

7,599 下載

himekami-markdown 0.1.8

Project himekami markdown parser.

7,534 下載

json-schema-docs 0.3.1

Easily generate Markdown files from your JSON schema.

7,451 下載

jemoji-plus 0.1.14

Highly customized version emoji plugin for Jekyll

7,305 下載

jekyll-issue-mentions 0.1.6

#issueid support for your Jekyll site

7,075 下載

swift-playground 0.0.5

A Ruby API and CLI tool for manipulating Xcode Swift Playgrounds. Supports generation f...

7,016 下載

page-toc-filter 0.2.1

Generates a table of contents for a single page, via HTML::Pipeline.

7,006 下載

jekyll-mathjax-csp 2.0.0

Server-side MathJax rendering for Jekyll with a strict CSP

6,068 下載

html-pipeline-task_list 0.1.0

An HTML::Pipeline filter for creating GitHub-flavored Markdown TaskLists

5,852 下載

bemoji 3.0.0

GitHub-flavored emoji plugin for Bunto

5,627 下載

markdown-highlight-extended-filter 1.1.0

HTML::Pipeline filter for Octopress-flavored syntax highlighting

5,528 下載

daimon_markdown 0.7.0

Markdown renderer for Daimon

5,168 下載

viewmd 0.3.0

Command line tool for viewing Markdown files (with GitHub Markdown extensions) in a bro...

5,011 下載

markdown_proofer 0.1.1

Checks whether links/images in your Markdown files are valid.

4,587 下載

prolog-services-markdown_to_html 1.0.3

The Prolog::Services::MarkdownToHtml class converts valid Markdo...

4,564 下載

gh-preview 1.0.2

This gem provides a small Sinatra application to preview GitHub README files

4,351 下載

bunto-mentions 2.0.0

@mention support for your Bunto site

3,547 下載

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