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Dependencias inversas para guard-rake Latest version of the following gems require guard-rake

rb-blink1 0.0.7

Controls blink(1)

12.078 Descargas

furnish-ip 0.2.1

Generic IP allocator for the Furnish provisioning system

11.719 Descargas

html-hierarchy-extractor 1.0.12

[⚠ DEPRECATED]: Use algolia_html_extractor instead.

11.607 Descargas

isaca-rails 0.4.9

Description of Isaca::Rails.

9.997 Descargas

furnish-vagrant 0.1.1

Furnish -> Vagrant 1.0.x bridge

9.847 Descargas

guard-railstestdb 0.0.4

Guard extension that automatically migrates your test database.

9.669 Descargas

arel_toolkit 0.4.4

ArelToolkit contains parsing, querying, modifying, optimisations, extensions and more f...

9.237 Descargas

yanapiri 0.5.0

Ayudante para administrar entregas via GitHub Classroom.

8.563 Descargas

chef-gen-flavor-example 0.6.1

An example plugin for [chef-gen-flavors]( ...

8.207 Descargas

palsy 0.0.4

An extremely simple marshalling persistence layer for SQLite based on perl's tie()

7.351 Descargas

nokogiri-xmlsec1 0.0.11

This is a fork of nokogiri-xmlsec. This fork uses mini_portile to improve code pred...

7.196 Descargas

lita-salt 1.1.0

Salt handler for lita 4+

5.503 Descargas

gocart 0.0.2

Builds the development environment for Go web apps with css/js frontends.

5.054 Descargas

prow 0.3.0

Prow is solving the problem front-end developers have when they try to start a proj...

4.896 Descargas

jerry 2.0.1

Jerry is an Inversion of Control container. It allows you to decouple the code that boo...

4.808 Descargas

axl 0.1.2

Ruby Bindings for the Cisco Administrative XML (AXL) API

4.535 Descargas

streamer 0.2.1

a hash goes in, the transformed hash comes out

4.431 Descargas

crypt_ident 0.2.7

Authentication module using BCrypt; initially Hanami-specific.

4.370 Descargas

chef-gen-flavor-base 0.9.2

chef-gen-flavor-base is a base class to make it easy to create 'flavors' for use with [...

4.289 Descargas

ceph_storage 0.1.1

Easy access of Objects in ceph

3.334 Descargas

rubocop-rails-order_model_declarative_methods 0.3.0

Sort declarative methods of Rails model, as an extension to RuboCop.

3.131 Descargas

rake-protect 2.0.1

When some gems are unavailable in an environment, for example on a production server, r...

3.093 Descargas

aviator_session_pool 0.0.1

A library for managing multiple Aviator sessions

2.873 Descargas

pdfium 0.0.2

Ruby bindings for Google's PDFium project. It supports extracting text and images from...

2.802 Descargas

acromine 0.1.1

acromine is a client for the [Acromine REST Service](

2.780 Descargas

furnish-aws 0.0.1

AWS provisioners for Furnish

2.601 Descargas

furnish-ssh 0.0.1

Run SSH commands as a Furnish Provisioner

2.572 Descargas

furnish-knife-server 0.0.1

Furnish provisioner for knife-server -- automate a build of a chef-server

2.552 Descargas

spectro 0.3

Specs driven social meta-programming

2.506 Descargas

litterbox 0.4.0

Some of the bits around the edge of Habitat, that I wish were available natively.

2.341 Descargas

Total de descargas 1.137.543

Para esta versión 882.188

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