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github-markdown 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require github-markdown

viewmd 0.3.0

Command line tool for viewing Markdown files (with GitHub Markdown extensions) in a bro...

5,600 下载

html-pipeline-no-charlock 0.0.6

GitHub HTML processing filters and utilities. This version remove dependencies on charl...

5,296 下载

prolog-services-markdown_to_html 1.0.3

The Prolog::Services::MarkdownToHtml class converts valid Markdo...

5,163 下载

markdown_proofer 0.1.1

Checks whether links/images in your Markdown files are valid.

5,001 下载

documentarian 0.0.2


4,398 下载

nox 0.1.1

Handy utilities for coding

3,928 下载

wing 0.1.1

Convert github markdown with mermaid diagrams to beautiful PDF.

3,865 下载

markdown2html 0.1.2

Convert markdown files and wikis to html.

3,826 下载

jekyll-commit-mentions 0.1.3

Github commit sha mention support for your jekyll site

3,649 下载

slidox 0.0.3

Markdown to PDF and HTML conversion tool. Useful for building presentations and other d...

3,597 下载

alchemy-usermanual 0.9.2

This gem adds a user manual module to your alchemy cms driven application.

3,572 下载

sitefs 1.0.0.beta5

A simple static site generator

3,242 下载

geothird-html-pipeline 0.0.12

GitHub HTML processing filters and utilities

3,059 下载

rrjj 0.0.1

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

2,566 下载

help_engine 0.0.1

Adds a way of storing and view help texts

2,553 下载

github-md-to-html 0.1.0

md to html

2,246 下载

markdown_to_word 0.1.5

Converts GitHub-flavored Markdown to a Word document

2,239 下载

lyft 0.1.0

API wrapper for the Lyft API

1,900 下载

writeup 1.1.0

Generic components from jeromegn/DocumentUp for generating static HTML documentation fr...

1,584 下载

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