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Dependencias inversas para diff-lcs 1.3

grntest 1.3.4

Grntest is a testing framework for Groonga. You can write a test for Groonga by writing...

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bdd-legacy 0.0.15

Allows for use of feature driven testing of legacy (especially sql server) applications.

40.325 Descargas

Wiki2Go 1.24.0

Wiki2Go is a Ruby Wiki with the usual features plus anti-wikispam tools, graph drawing ...

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wcc 2.3.2

wcc tracks changes of websites and notifies you by email and as of version 2.0 via XMPP...

36.775 Descargas

zen 0.4.3

Zen is a modular CMS written using Ramaze. Zen gives you complete freedom to build what...

33.284 Descargas

kosmas58-cucumber 0.3.103

Executable Feature scenarios

29.686 Descargas

lingo 1.10.2

Lingo is an open source indexing system for research and teachings. The main functions ...

29.307 Descargas

flockdb 0.7.1

Get your flock on in Ruby.

29.129 Descargas

yawast 0.7.2

YAWAST is an application meant to simplify initial analysis and information gathering f...

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blueauth 1.0.2

Bluepages Authentication for IBMers within IBM's Intranet

27.738 Descargas

ankit 0.0.8

Ankit is a CLI and terminal based flashcard program to learn your new language.

26.832 Descargas

rivet 3.2.0

A tool for defining EC2 and Autoscaling Groups as configuration

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YSRedCloth 4.2.18

Textile parser for Ruby.

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trepanning 2.15.35

== Description A gdb-like Ruby debugger with both high and low-level debugging support...

24.428 Descargas

mutest 0.0.10

Mutation testing for ruby

22.082 Descargas

motiro 0.6.11

Simple project tracking tool

21.829 Descargas

org-converge 0.0.17

A light configuration management tool for Org mode

21.671 Descargas

art-decomp 0.4.0

art décomp: an FSM → FPGA decomposer

21.636 Descargas

assplecake-RedCloth 4.2.10

Textile parser for Ruby with auto_link support.

21.364 Descargas

gravis-typhoeus 0.1.36

Like a modern code version of the mythical beast with 100 serpent heads, Typhoeus runs ...

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iab-InsuranceBizLogic 0.2.6

InsuranceBizLogic contains biz logic for stand four insurance processes of NB, MTA, Can...

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samg-timetrap 1.1.1

Command line time tracker

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Original @

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markdown_helper 2.5.2

Class to help with GitHub markdown: * File inclusion * Page TOC

19.136 Descargas

testr 14.3.0

Continuous testing tool for Ruby

19.075 Descargas

amigo 0.1.4

In-memory triple store

18.736 Descargas

iab-Oil 0.2.1

Oil is a RAILS based mini language for Financial Applications

18.152 Descargas

lydown 0.14.0

Lydown is a language and tool for music notation

17.928 Descargas

spex 0.7.2

An easy-to-use test harness that runs assertions before and after and executable is run

17.800 Descargas

ucb_confluence 0.0.10

Convenience methods for interacing with Confluence xml-rpc API

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