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delayed_job_active_record 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require delayed_job_active_record

fluentd-server 0.3.2

Fluentd config distribution server

13,487 下载

delayed_job_master 3.0.1

A simple delayed_job master process to control multiple workers

13,066 下载

dj_mailer 0.0.3

send automatically all emails via delayed_job

13,052 下载

ecm_core 0.4.0

Ecm Core Module.

12,664 下载

spree_unified_payment 1.1.1

Enable spree store to allow payment via UnifiedPayment

11,817 下载

level_up 0.3.1

A rails engine to structure, run and manage asynchronous jobs

11,165 下载

active_admin_delayed_job 1.0.2

View all, running, failed, and queued jobs. Retry failed jobs.

10,595 下载


This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

10,494 下载

job_hunter 0.3.0

A gem to help reduce boilerplate when enqueing, finding, and deleting Delayed Jobs

10,307 下载

delayed_job_slack_notification 0.1.3

Slack notifier for pending jobs of Delayed Job.

9,927 下载

judoscale-delayed_job 1.4.1

This gem provides DelayedJob integration with the Judoscale autoscaling add-on for Heroku.

9,669 下载

activeadmin-cms 0.0.1

Converts ActiveAdmin into a simple CMS

9,538 下载

deep_thought 0.2.1

Deploy smart, not hard.

9,154 下载

delayed_job_progress 0.0.3

Ability to track jobs against ActiveRecord objects

8,961 下载

jobs-api 0.2.1

Job api server

8,500 下载

auth_eng 0.0.2

AuthEng is just Devise only with a different flow.

8,377 下载

rails_tracker 0.3.2

An elegant Rails solution for issue tracking through Github issues

7,992 下载


Startkit for new project from DigitalHeroes

7,639 下载

spree_gtpay 1.0.2

Enable spree store to allow payment via GTPay, a GTBank Payment Gateway for Nigeria

7,465 下载

delayed_job_celluloid 0.2.0

run delayed_job workers in multiple threads within a single process

7,042 下载


The Forge CMS dependency gem Ruby 1.9.

6,754 下载

fragmentary 0.3

Fragment caching for Rails with arbitrarily complex data dependencies

6,743 下载

ctt-background-jobs 0.8.1

Common CTT caching tools.

6,510 下载

peek-delayed_job 0.1.1

Take a peek into your DelayedJob queue.

6,320 下载


The Forge CMS dependency gem for Ruby 2.0.

6,291 下载

delayed_job_maintenance 0.1.1

In conjunction with capistrano-maintenance, stop delayed jobs during maintenance

5,913 下载

multi_worker 0.2.0

Provides a common interface to Ruby worker/queue libraries.

5,864 下载

occurro 0.3.0

Tasks and models for counting model visualizations.

5,790 下载

delayed_job-ssh_remote_worker 1.1.0

Provides a few rake tasks to run DelayedJob jobs on a remote server over SSH

5,764 下载

redmine_events_manager 0.4.13

Management for events

5,610 下载

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