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Dependencias inversas para compass-rails Latest version of the following gems require compass-rails

quadro 0.6.1

Quadro Content Management System

19.538 Descargas

ponytail 0.6.0

Ponytail is a Rails engine that shows the migrations.

18.188 Descargas

rademade_admin 0.2.2

Best rails admin panel. Great mechanism for customization and rapid development

17.833 Descargas

compass-rails-source-maps 0.1.0

A small monkeypatch to enable sourcemaps with compass-rails

16.787 Descargas

character 1.0.6

Admin framework for rails + mongoid web applications.

16.397 Descargas

goldencobra 2.3.4

This is the basic module of Golden Cobra. It offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an article mod...

16.272 Descargas

scss-boilerplate-rails 0.1.6

Generate scss partials with a namespace.

15.347 Descargas

expressionui 0.1.3

A set of small JavaScript and SASS plugins that are designed to be reusable and enhance...

15.011 Descargas

toolsmith 0.0.16

Toolsmith provides common helpers for UI components and styles.

14.964 Descargas

cg_app_base 1.1.1

Description of CgAppBase.

14.916 Descargas

anypresence-icons 0.1.3

Icons for AnyPresence products.

14.569 Descargas

catarse_full 0.1.0

Gem packaging of Catarse, a crowdfunding application.

13.872 Descargas

gricer 0.1.0

Gricer web analysis tool engine

13.637 Descargas

browsercms-artirix 4.0.4

BrowserCMS is a general purpose, open source Web Content Management System (CMS) that s...

13.455 Descargas

ar_diagram 0.0.4

Allows you to create graphical database diagrams of your ActiveRecord models from withi...

13.176 Descargas

header 0.0.9


13.171 Descargas

rtc_datatable 0.0.6

Rich Table Component with advanced search, export file, and generate recapitulation

12.030 Descargas

simple_showcase_admin 0.0.7

SimpleShowcaseAdmin includes all the necessary logic to create a basic admin panel that...

11.872 Descargas

shoelace 0.1.10

Microclasses for your enjoyment

11.345 Descargas

kuva 0.1.2

This Rails Engine provides a Flickr gallery for use in your own Rails project.

10.657 Descargas

kinney 0.1.1

An oral history video clips site packaged as a Rails Engine gem.

9.791 Descargas

tab_builder 0.1.4

DSL for building tabbed containers in Rails

9.754 Descargas

chosen-koenpunt-rails 0.0.4

Integrate Koenpunt branch of the Chosen javascript library with the Rails asset pipeline

9.544 Descargas

sassyseeds 0.0.22

Sassyseeds is a sass resource for clean white-label applications.

8.662 Descargas

comable-frontend 0.7.1

Provide frontend functions for Comable.

7.463 Descargas

comable-backend 0.7.1

Provide backend functions for Comable.

7.339 Descargas

helium-rails 0.0.3

Vendors Helium CSS framework for use with asset pipeline.

6.771 Descargas

cargo_wiki 1.0.1

Wiki engine based on Rails 3 engine

6.703 Descargas

plinth 0.0.1.beta.4

Plinth - basic framework

6.371 Descargas

esp-gems 0.0.2

ESP's gemset

6.042 Descargas

Total de descargas 14.519.533

Para esta versión 216.207

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