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Dependencias inversas para airbrake 10.0.4

god 0.13.7

An easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby.

3.237.594 Descargas

errbase 0.2.0

Common exception reporting for a variety of services

2.835.206 Descargas

resque-loner 1.3.0

Makes sure that for special jobs, there can be only one job with the same workload in o...

1.037.133 Descargas

saucy 0.16.1

Clearance-based Rails engine for Software as a Service (Saas) that provides account and...

261.201 Descargas

delayed-plugins-airbrake 1.1.0

delayed_job exception notification with airbrake

231.168 Descargas

smoke_detector 2.0.1

Provides a single interface for posting errors to multiple error reporting providers (A...

94.867 Descargas

gaptool-server 0.8.5

gaptool-server for managing cloud resources

85.914 Descargas

hoodoo 2.12.5

Simplify the implementation of consistent services within an API-based software platform.

69.171 Descargas

has_heartbeat 0.2.0

Simple heartbeat monitoring target for Rails apps with database connection testing, cus...

68.872 Descargas

tootsie 0.11

Tootsie is a simple audio/video/image transcoding/modification application.

57.425 Descargas

airbrake_user_attributes 0.1.6

Adds information about the current user to error reports

53.874 Descargas


Description of OpenteamCommons.

51.754 Descargas

shoestrap 1.2.0

SC Bootstrapper and Generators

47.249 Descargas

openteam-capistrano 1.0.18

OpenTeam common capistrano3 recipe

41.471 Descargas

rapnd 0.5.0

redis APN daemon

41.124 Descargas

evrone-ci-common 0.0.8

Common code for ci

38.300 Descargas

bellbro 0.3.1

Helps with sidekiq.

27.687 Descargas

dataduck 1.2.3

A straightforward, effective ETL framework.

26.157 Descargas

denouncer 0.7.1

Denouncer allows you to send notifications with error/exception details using a simple ...

23.822 Descargas

zumobi 0.0.16

Cross-app notification and exception handling support

23.247 Descargas

tanga_que_extensions 0.0.27

job scheduling stuff for tanga

22.430 Descargas

vx-common 0.4.0

Common code for ci

21.587 Descargas

airbrake-local 0.0.10

Host your error log in your own server with airbrake.

19.509 Descargas

airbrake-statsd 0.2.1

Increment an exception counter in StatsD whenever the Airbrake gem reports and exception.

17.604 Descargas

airbrake-graylog2 0.0.4

Send Airbrake exceptions to Graylog2

15.488 Descargas

hockeybrake 0.0.9

An extension for the amazing airbrake gem which routes crash reports directly to HockeyApp

13.494 Descargas

logger_facade 0.4.1

Simple class library to work as logger facade. This simple logg...

11.958 Descargas

airbadger 0.1.0

To ease the transition when trying out a new error monitoring service, Airbadger can re...

11.889 Descargas

little_finger 0.5.0

AvaTax REST API wrapper plus backup tax calculation

10.017 Descargas

notify_if_invalid 0.2.0

notify exception monitoring system when model object is invalid

9.714 Descargas

Total de descargas 26.841.737

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